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Columbus believed that the world was smaller than it really is. By sailing west, he could reach the wealth of the Indies, the name that Europeans gave to the areas of Japan, China, Indonesia (Spice Islands) and India, and save much time and danger compared to the overland routes. The nation that could easily reach those areas would reap commercial benefits and increase the wealth (economy) of the nation. Columbus set sail with the idea of discovering such a sea route to the Indies. Thus, when he landed on San Salvador, he named the inhabitants Indios (Indians.) Historians have believed that Columbus first made landfall in the New World on the island of San Salvador, on 12 October 1492. Today, some historians are not sure that the first landing was on San Salvador. Regardless, it was in that area that Columbus claimed the “New World” for Spain. By discovering such a route, Columbus also hoped to get rich. He would either be rewarded by the King and Queen of Spain, or he would become wealthy by business dealings with the people he discovered. Besides trade items (spices, drugs, foods, cloth, etc.), Columbus and his crew expected to discover gold and silver. Columbus did not set out to discover a New World. He set out with a desire to expand the knowledge of the known sea and sea trade routes, to discover the riches of the Indies, to reap commercial success for Spain, and to increase his own wealth and the future prosperity of his family. While never knowing exactly what he had discovered, his voyage made other explorers willing to embark on voyages that would come to make up the Era of Discovery. He was the first and his voyages encouraged others.

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Q: Assess the results of columbus's voyage for spainfor europeand the new world?
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