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Q: At 35.0g sample of magnetite produces 15.0g of iron. What is the percentage yeild of this reaction?
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What is the reason for the differences in staining reactions of the organisms?

Staining organisms for study produces different reactions. These differences are caused by density of material, thickness of the sample, percentage of water in the sample and a myriad of other factors.

What is the purpose of using lime water during the reaction of the acid sample with marble chip?

when the acid sample reacts with the marble chip, a gas will be produced. the lime water is used to identify the gas. lime water produces a precipitate when reacted with CO2 gas.

How To get valid results small samples are sufficient?

I will assume the sample is random. In general, the larger the sample, the smaller the percentage error will be (the difference between percentages in the sample, and the percentages in the universe from whence the sample is taken). The percentage error tends to go down as the square root of the size of the sample.

What does a high BASO percent mean?

Baso testing is a part of a complete blood count. When there is a high percentage of baso cells in a sample, that may be indicative of an allergic reaction, inflammatory process, and rarely leukemia.

Why starch iodide paste is used as external indicator?

starch iodide paste consist of water starch and iodine when the active drug is consumed in the sample,the reaction will produces iodine,which will give blue colour externally,internally there are chances it will react to the active

If 15 thymine is found in a sample what is the percentage of guanine in this same sample?

They should be the same if there are no mutations.

What would be the percentage of thymine in the DNA sample if the percentage of cytosine were 38 percent?


What is a sample survey?

small percentage testing

If a DNA sample contains 13 percent adenine what percentage of the sample contains cytosine?

37% cytosine

What is the sample size of a survey?

A sample size is a percentage of the total number, chosen randomly. There are statistically robust ways to choose your sample, depending on your topic.

What test measure the percentage of packed red blood cells in a whole blood sample?

The Complete Blood Count test measures the percentage of packed red blood cells in a whole blood sample.

How can reduce the percentage error?

The larger the sample, the lower the % error.. so to reduce a % error, increase your sample size.

What is a good statistical sample size percentage?

+or- 5%

What is the percentage of solids in a sample of human blood?


A 5.0-gram sample of zinc and a 50-milliliter sample of hydrochloric acid are used in a chemical reaction Which combination of these samples has the fastest reaction rate?

zinc powder and 3.0 M HCl(aq)

How can chromatography be used to show that the hydrolysis of starch produces only one sugar?

After the reaction is complete, a sample of the reaction solution can be placed on a thin layer chromatography plate, and the solvent allowed to move up the plate. Then, the plate can be sprayed with a suitable chemical for detection, and only one spot should be observed if, in fact, only 1 sugar is present.

What does a higher percentage of daughter isotopes in rock mean?

A higher percentage of daughter isotopes present in a sample, the older the rock is.

When a substantial percentage of a sample of the population agree on an issue there is a?


What accounts for the smallest percentage of leukocytes in a blood sample?


What A 70.00-g sample of an unknown compound contains 16.20 g of sulfur what is the percentage by mass of sulfur in the compound?

The percentage is 23,14 %.

What type of reaction occures when a sample of the compound selenium sulfide which broke down into selenium and sulfur is heated?

This is a "decomposition" reaction.

How can you get a sample of francium?

Francium is obtained by a nuclear reaction in a particle accelerator.

What is the method that creates a large sample of DNA for testing from a small sample of DNA?

That would probably be polymerase chain reaction or PCR for short.

How many atoms are in a chromium sample with a mass of 13 grams?

Take the actual sample weight of 13grams, and divide it by the atomic weight of chromium. This gives you your molar percentage of atoms. Now multiply this molar percentage by Avogadro's constant, the number of atoms in one mole, and this will give you your number of atoms in the sample.

What percentage of a radioactive sample remains after 5 half-lives?

3.1 %