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Q: At 35.0g sample of magnetite produces 15.0g of iron. What is the yeild of this reaction?
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This term indicates that a problem is asking how much of a product will be made by a reaction.?

theoretical yeild.

How many NO2 molecules would form as products if the reaction had a 75 percent yield?

6 Mols of NO_2 This is due to there being 8 mols in the theoritical yeild and using the % yeild formula.

This term indicates that a problem is asking how much of a product will be made by a reaction?

theoretical yeild.

What is yeild on advances?

yeild on advance

Why do farmers use intensive farming methods?

Because intensive farming produces higher yeild, which means cheaper food, thus meeting supply and demand

What is crop yeild?

crop yeild is how much goods you get off a crop

Fe 415 bars?

High Yeild Steel bars of Yeild strength equal to 415MPa.

How many ATP can cellular respiration produce?

Liver and cardiac cells yeild 38,but other cells yeild 36.

What is done to keep the earth usable in cotton farming?

defoliants are used to maximize yeild in the insecticides.defoliants are used to maximize yeild in the insecticides.

What color are yeild signs?


What type of engineer start with the letter Y?

yeild engineer is an engineer that starts with the letter Y

What is the percent yield of garlic?

yeild percent for garlic

Why are gamma rays so harmful to life forms but radio wave generally are not?

Gamma rays have small wavelengths and a high energy yeild while radio waves have a large wavelength but a low energy yeild

What is the only road sign shaped like a triangle?


Give you a sentence with the word yield in it?

ha ha yeild

What are the reasons for creating hybrid plants?

To Yeild More Crops :)

What happens when sodium hydroxide react with ferric chlorides?

NaOH + FeCl3 = NaCl + Fe(OH)3 Not sure about this one. Never heard of this reaction before now, but it seems to yeild salt and something called hydrated iron oxide.

What is the Yield of green pepper plant?

what is the avarage yeild of a green pepper

Where are the products in a chemical equation located?

usually on the right of the yeild signOn the right side of the arrow in the equation

What is a word that starts with the letter Y that has to do with Earth Day?

Yeild begins with Y and has to do with Earth Day.

What is the theoretical yeild of HNO3?

It depends on the amount of starting reactants. There is not enough information otherwise.

2 ohm speaker dvc in series?

That would yeild a 4 ohm load

What is yeild strength?

I think it is how much you can farm like the volume of potatoes you can grow in a certain time

Copper bromide and sodium sulfate yeild what?

Don't react, all giving soluble ions.

When a sailboat overtakes a powerboat which vessal is a stand on vessal?

the powerboat must yeild to the sail boat