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Q: At this of sodium Chlorate
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How can you separate sodium from sodium chlorate?

Separate Sodium Chlorate? Its easy! Just like this: Sodium Chlorate Soduim and Chlorate were on the same line, but I hit return twice and separated them.

Is sodium chlorate ionic or molecular?

Sodium chlorate is an ionic compound.

Is sodium chlorate acid or base?

Sodium chlorate is a basic salt.

Is sodium chlorate a pure substance?

If it is refined sodium chlorate is a pure substance.

How much water to sodium chlorate weedkiller?

water to sodium chlorate weedkiller

What is the difference between sodium hypochlorite and sodium chlorate?

Sodium hypochlorite is NaClO. Sodium chlorate is NaClO3 and is a stronger oxidizer.

What is the complete word equation for sodium chlorate?

The chemical formula of sodium chlorate is NaClO3.

What are the names of te elements found in sodium chlorate?

Sodium Chlorate's formula is NaClO3. Therefore, the elements found in Sodium Chlorate would be Sodium (Na), Chlorine (Cl), and Oxygen (O).

What is the formula for the compound sodium chlorate?

The formula of sodium chlorate is the following: NaClO3 Pierre Larnicol

Is sodium chlorate ionic or covalent?

Sodium chlorate is an ionic substance, as it consists of a metal (sodium) and non-metallic elements.

What are difference in conductivity between solid sodium chlorate and molten sodium chlorate?

Molten sodium chlorate can conduct electricity while solid sodium chlorate cannot conduct electricity.. This is because molten sodium chloride have freely moving ion. The sodium chloride will dissociate when it dissolve in water. Solid sodium chlorate do not have freely moving electron because all the electron is use in bonding..

What kind of reaction occurs when sodium chlorate is heated?

A "decomposition" reaction; the sodium chlorate is converted to sodium chloride and oxygen gas.

Is sodium chlorate a binary compound?

No, sodium chlorate (NaClO3) is not a binary compound.A binary compound contains exactly 2 elements. Sodium chlorate contains 3.however sodium chloride (NaCl) is a binary compound.

How do you get sodium chlorate from formula NaClO3?

It contains the sodium ion Na+ and the chlorate ion ClO3- Since sodium is the positive ion (cation) you name it first, then you name the chlorate ion second because it is the anion (negative ion). so the name of the compound is sodium chlorate.

What is the formula for sodium chlorate?


How many atoms are in sodium chlorate?

NaClO3 is sodium chlorate. There is one atom of Na, one atom of Cl, and three atoms of O, for a total of 5 atoms per molecule of sodium chlorate.

What are the elements found in sodium chlorate?

sodium, chlorine and oxygen

What is the name for the compound NaClO3?

sodium chlorateNaClO3 = Sodium Chlorate

What is the decomposition of sodium chlorate?

sodium chloride and oxygen gas.

What is the balanced equation for silver nitrate plus sodium chlorate equals sodium nitrate plus silver chlorate?

its already balanced

Of what use is sodium chlorate?

Sodium chlorate is used in the form of chlorine dioxide as a substitute for traditional chlorine in pulp and paper bleaching

Is sodium chlorate a covalent bond?

Sodium Chloride is an ionic bond.

What is the name of the compound formed with sodium and oxygen and chlorine?

Sodium Chlorate

When sodium chlorate decomposes the products are what?

The products are sodium chloride and oxygen.

What is the name for this formula NaCIO3?

Sodium chlorate