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Hi, This could be pregnancy related or may be related to a UTI. It is too early to test. It is always advisable to test 3 weeks after intercourse so the HCG will be at a sufficent enough level to give you a clear and accurate result. Good luck.

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โˆ™ 2006-09-08 20:09:35
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Q: At 10dpo when you checked your cervix you had blood on your finger Bright red blood so you thought your period had come But nothing after that little bit At 12dpo you had too an early pg test and it c?
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What can cause a bump on the opening of your cervix?

more than likely, some type of cyst. You cannot take that to mean nothing could be wrong, but a lot of vaginal or cervical cysts are benign. I would still get it checked out.

What is a tilted cervix?

A tilted cervix is usually nothing to be worried about but it means that yours does not sit straight up, it tilts towards your back. Even with a tilted cervix, you should not have trouble getting pregnant.

How often should your cervix be checked during pregnancy?

Not until the final few weeks, unless there is a medical reason or concern.

How do you tell if your IUD has moved?

You should be able to feel the strings protruding from your cervix. If you are worried see the doctor or nurse and get it checked.

If my cervix is soft at 35 weeks does that mean the baby will be here soon?

I think that you should see a doctor first and get everything checked out.

Why would a young woman age 23 need her cervix removed?

Cervical cancer would be my first thought.

Can another mans sperm hurt a fetus?

No. Your cervix is tight shut. Nothing should be able to get to the fetus.

What can cause vaginal bleeding at 38 weeks pregnant after my Doctor checked to see how far along I was dilated?

Irritation from the doctors figures checking the cervix, or your in labor.

Is collum the scientific name for cervix?

No. Cervix is the scientific name for cervix.

What is wrong when the cervix is tilted?

It doesn't mean anything is wrong. I have a tilted cervix. Sometimes it makes becoming pregnant more difficult, but I had no problem getting pregnant. My doctor said it's normal and nothing to worry about.

Do men have a cervix?

No, men do not have a cervix.

What is the description of the cervix?

what is decription of cervix

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