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Tiger Woods is awesome

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Who is the youngest male to win golfs' Grand Slam?

As of yet, no one male golfer has won the Grand slam. However Tiger Woods is the youngest player to win the career Grand Slam, he did so at 24.

What degree did tiger get at Stanford?

Tiger has not finished his time at university He left early in 1996 to become a professional golfer

Youngest golfer to win The Masters?

Tiger Woods, who was 21 years, 3 months, 14 days old when he won in 1997

Can you get the email address for tiger wood the golfer?

wthat is the email address of Golfer Tiger wood?

Who are the Grand Slam winners of Golf?

Currently no Golfer has one the Grand Slam. Although Tiger Woods has won the Tiger Slam all 4 majors in a row, and others have won the career Grand Slam, such as Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player.

Who is Tiger Woods?

He is a professional golfer.

What does Tiger Woods do?

He is a professional golfer.

Who helped Tiger Woods with his training?

His father was a major influence in his training, he used his knowledge of green beret training to help Tiger become the golfer that he is today.

Where was Tiger Woods educated?

He attended Stanford University for 2 years, he left in 1996 to become a professional golfer.

What does Tiger Woods work in?

He is a professional golfer.

What is Tiger Woods dream?

To be a pro golfer

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