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You should call and report this to the police. Also, you should contact your insurance company and advise them about this. If you carry uninsured motorist coverage on your policy, and can prove to your company that the other person is uninsured, your company will pay to have your car repaired and send the bill to the uninsured person.

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Q: At fault party of an accident lied to police about insurance who do you report this to so that they will have to pay fine?
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If you had an accident and it wasnt your fault does it go in your driving record?

If the police came out and made a report of it then it will be on your driving record. It will be a not-at-fault accident but it will still be on your driving record. If the police did not come out but your insurance knows about it then it will be on your CLUE report and be a not-at-fault accident.

Can an insurance company decide who is at fault when a police report has been filed?

An insurance company can assign fault regardless if a police report is filed or not. A police report is simply a report made by a neutral party at an accident scene. I believe there have been cases where insurance companies have assigned fault to one party when the opposing party was initially named at fault in a report.

What happens if you are in a car accident and you have insurance but the person who causes accident does not have insurance?

My plan was denied and it was not my fault it was the other drivers fault because police and show up to make a police report it is really his mind

Who is at fault without a police report?

A police report does not define who is at fault. That requires some investigation by either the insurance company or the police themselves; however, unless you make a claim or a report, neither will investigate and the accident will not officially have happened.

Someone hit you an Neither I or other driver has insurance on our car who is at fault?

Who is at fault has to do with the accident itself not the insurance coverage. A police report of the accident and looking at the proximate cause of the accident help determine fault.

How do you appeal a police accident report that said you were at fault even though you were DEFINITELY not?

Your insurance company is going to review the police report, your statements, and the statements of witnesses and the other party. After they review that they will make a determination of fault and decide to accept liability or not on your behalf. If you think that you were not at fault in the accident make sure that you file a claim against the other persons insurance.

What is the proper practice for filing this claim?

First, contact the police in the jurisdiction where the accident occurs. Don't admit fault but explain the truth of what happened to the police. The police report will explain the facts of the event and the insurance companies will work out fault. If you live in a no-fault state it will be different. Call the phone number on the back of your card and report the accident to your insurance company. You can also report the accident to your agent. If you have an agent it will be a great advantage to you in that you will have someone to assist you with questions and help you in dealing with your company.

You were involved in a minor fender bender no police report was filed but insurance company will be notified Will the accident show on your driving record even though the police was not involved?

It shouldn't ... normally insurance companies do not report the accident to the police authorities unless a death is involved. However, since you reported the accident to your insurance and if you are at fault, it may cause your rates to increase.

What if you were in a car accident and it was not your fault but you had no collision?

If the police report says the other driver was at fault, try to recover from his or her insurance company. If you don't have collision coverage, you can't collect from your insurance company.

Can you still go through insurance with no police report?

This is up to your insurance company. Why would you not have a police report anyway? The purpose of a police report is to get statements from all parties involved at the time of the accident before they have time to change their stories and make up facts. The police officer reports the statements and lists his/her observations and evidence at the scene to determine who is at fault in the accident or incident. Sometimes an insurance company will not require a police report in cases such as an animal collision or glass claim where it wouldn't really make any difference to have a report because there is no real fault to determine. Most of the time a police report is required and necessary.

Do you have to report your insurance company if you had accident and you are not at fault?


If a police report says its your fault for a car accident can your insurance fight it?

Can they fight it for you? No. Can the try to bargain with the other insurance company on how much they are willing to pay? Yes.

What happens if someone hits your car with their car and you have no insurance and got hurt?

If you have no insurance you may get a ticket, but you will want a police report on the accident to claim their insurance, if they were at fault. so call the cops

If no police report was filed can you contact the insurance company of the driver at fault?

Yes you can. that is why you have to trade insurance information when an accident occurs. They will handle it from there and will most likely want to do an investigation.

How do you file a insurance claim against the party that was at fault in an accident that occurred in a parking lot Without involving my insurance company.?

Just file a claim with the other parties insurance company. You called the police and got an accident report, right?

If you have an accident other party admits fault no police report your insurance was lapsed will the other insurance cover your loss?

As long as the other carrier has accepted liability, they will owe for your damages whether you have insurance or not.

If you get in a auto accident and your at fault but police report is never filed does insurance go up?

no, the insurance will not go up but will go down and because i am an insurance agent, i had this kind of problem and i had to pay less

What if someone rear ends you and you have no license but you have insurance the person who hit you has insurance?

AnswerNo brainer. The person who hit you is at fault. Doesn't matter if you have a license or not. Not having a license doesn't give the other driver a free shot at rear ending you.AnswerIn most states, insurance companies require a police report of an accident. To have a police report, the police have to go to the accident scene in order to write one. Most rear end accidents are the fault of the person who hit the rear of a car. However, if you did not report the accident to the police because you have no license, you may be out of luck with the insurance company.


The car drectly behind you who hit you. The police report will assign fault. If you are not at fault, the person who is will be responsible for the damage. Get a copy of the police report from the investigating agency and give it to your insurance agent. Thay should take it from there.

What if you disagree after being found at fault after an accident?

The decision of who is at fault in an accident is generally decided by the police officer who is investigating the scene. If you don't agree with his/her decision you can always speak with their supervisor at the police department and give our side but it is very rare that these decisions are overturned. You only other point of appeal would be to your insurance company. The insurance companies take the police report as well as statements from both parties and make their decision as to who is at fault.

Handle the insurance after a hit and run and did not see driver but have licence plate number but only have liability insdurance?

Car insurance in general is not built for you when you are not at fault in an accident. You should complete a police report and and contact an attorney to help sue the at-fault party. If you have just liability you are not paying your insurance company for help in this matter. Liability pays for the damage you cause when you are at-fault in an accident.

Do you have to pay to fix the other car if no one was at fault in accident there is a police report but no ticket was given?

Someone was at fault if their was an accident. Just because you didn't get a ticket, doesn't mean that the Police Officer didn't cite one driver for the accident. The codes tell who is at fault. Police have become way to cautious about issuing tickets in accident situations because they don't want to be called to court in these situations. The codes on the accident report tell who is at fault.

If you were at fault in an accident with no injuries or damage and a police report was taken will this affect insurance rates in California?

Yes. One point will be added to your official driving record.

If in a low impact at fault accident and you have no insurance and there is no police report or proof of any damage can uninsured driver be charged excessive repair costs?

sadly yes

Do you have to call your insurance company if your car was not at fault?

The terms of your Insurance Contract always require that you report an accident regardless of fault. This is because even though you do not consider yourself to be at fault, the other driver may report the accident to them anyway. Better to be safe than sorry.