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Q: At the age of 14 can move away from your parents without getting in trouble?
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Can i run away at 11 without getting arrested?

I am not sure if running away is a good thing. Running away can make a lot of people worried and you can get into trouble.

In the State of Illinois if your 17 and your parents wont let you move out but your birthday is 3 months away can you leave without getting into trouble?

no not unless they give u permission just wait the next 3 more months and leave when you are 18.

Can a 17-year-old run away from home without being chased by the police or getting into legal trouble in Maryland?

A 17 year old can run away for any reason. but as soon as the parents call you on run that's when you are going to worry about getting caught by the police... I recommend getting a new phone or SIM card on it and leaving the old one in a bush intact.

Can a 17 year old cross state lines with friend's parents without parental consent?

Technically, if it is without permission or knowledge, that's called "running away". Though the "friend's parents" would be more in trouble than the 17 year old.

What kind of trouble could you get in for running away from emergency surgery?

You can get into trouble regarding billing for the surgery if you run away from emergency surgery. If you are an adult, you are always able to reconsider surgery and you cannot be forced to have a surgery that you don't want. As a child, you might get into trouble with your parents for running away.

If your girlfriend runs away and comes to your house can i get in trouble?

It depends on how old she is. If she is under 16 years then you could potentially be in trouble if you hide her and do not tell her parents

Can a 17-year-old run away from home without being chased by the police or getting into legal trouble in Pennsylvania?

its doubtful, I'm almost positive that the majority age in Pennsylvania is eighteen. however, if you came to some sort of agreement with your long as you have their can live somewhere else.

Can a parent be in trouble for their child running away?

No, it is the child's choice to run away the parents have nothing to do with it unless they abuse the child in any way.

How can you make your brother stop getting high?

take away the thing he is getting high on and tell your parents

How do you get out of trouble at home?

Well if your siblings are getting you into trouble then ignore them stay away from them, go to your room listen to music or read of talk to someone about it simple

At what age do you take your aging parents computer away?

When they start getting dementia.

Can a child runaway but come home in less than twenty four hours without getting the cops involved?

Yes BUT if there parents dont report them themselves than they can get away with it

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