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Her average speed and average velocity were the same but were less than 70mph


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Yes, since velocity is speed and direction its average can be zero. For example say a plane flies from point A to point B at 300 mph and turns around to go from B to A at 300 mph; its average velocity is 0 since it is in the same spot as it started ( the velocity vectors cancel) but its average speed is 300 mph.

The average velocity has two parts to it: The average speed and the average direction. The average speed is: (the distance you travel between 0 and 3 seconds) divided by (3). The average direction is: the direction from (the place where you started at 0 seconds) to (the place where you finished at 3 seconds).

A dog running in circles, stopping where it started

Amusement started when there was a brain (of any species) developed enough to be amused. Precise dating would be out of the question.

This would be when you travel form one point to somewhere else and then bake again while having the same velocity when you started and when you finished.

"Initial" means the velocity it had when you started looking at it. "Final" means the velocity it had when you were finished looking at it.

He started the world's first theme, not amusement, park.

because it started a revolution that made many other people want to open amusement parks. if disneyland wasnt started, neither would sea world, six flags, or any other amusement park.

Acceleration of gravity = 32.2 ft/sec2If the object started from rest, i.e. nobody threw it down, thenInitial velocity = 0Final velocity = (10 x 32.2) = 322 ft per sec.Average = 1/2 ( Vi + Vf ) = 161 ft per sec.

His velocity was zero - since he's back to where he started. (Try to substitute speed where appropriate.)

According to Newton's first law of motion a roller coaster would not get started without an external force.

No, acceleration is defined as a change in velocity. If the magnitude of the velocity of an object is zero, when changed, the velocity must be higher or lower. You can't really have negative speeds, so if an object is accelerating and started at 0 m/s, it will be speeding up. Consider the earth orbiting the sun. It has a constant acceleration of v2/r. But if you take the sun as the centre of your co-ordinate system and take an average over a long period of time then the Earth has an average velocity of 0.

An object's net velocity during some time is (its distance right now from where it started, regardless of the path it followed to get here) divided by (time that has passed since it started) AND (the direction from where it started to where it is right now).

The speed of the roller coaster will be limited by various sources of resistance such as that of its wheels on the rails and its passage through the air. If we ignore these we can get an upper bound on the vehicle's speed. You have probably seen the equation that relates final velocity to initial velocity, acceleration and displacement:v2 = u2 + 2aswhere v is initial velocity, u is initial velocity, a is acceleration and s is displacement. In this case acceleration is g, gravitational acceleration, and u is zero.We have : v2 = 2 . 9.80665 m.sec-2 . 100 m = 1961.33 m2.sec-2Then v = sqrt (1961.33) m.sec-1 ~= 4.43 m.sec-1

The game has not even started development. There is no release date.

The game has not even started development. There is no release date.

Women started working in amusement parks as clowns and mind readers.

Because she started to sing country songs and has an amusement park; DollyWood. BBBBBBYYYYYEEEEE

No, one time I rode this roller-coaster and I got excited and I started screaming.

A dog running in a circle, stopping where it started, would have a net displacement of zero, an average velocity of zero, and an average acceleration of zero regardless of the time involved. This is because the dog has exerted equal work in moving toward his starting point as moving away from that point. A similar situation exists where a book is lifted from a desk and then dropped back : the book has the same potential energy as before it was lifted, the additional energy having been removed by the force of gravity.

Avg speed =dis/time=2(pi)*100/62.8=10m/s Avg velocity will be 0 since the car ends up back from where it is started ..

The velocity is zero because the total displacement vector is zero.

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