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There is no such thing as popping the cherry. You bleed because you are a virgin. I have asked my doctor this question because a lot of girls at school were curious. If you have intercourse your hymen is broken, though you may not bleed because it broke earlier if you rode a bike,rode a horse, did gymnastics and lots of other things.

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Q: At the time of intercourse how do you know if your hymen has been broken?
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How can you know that a girl is a pure virgin?

You can't know if a girl is a virgin. Only she knows. Traditionally the status of virgin would have been if the girl's hymen was intact, but the hymen can be broken by vigorous exercise or other activities besides intercourse.

How would you know if your hymen broke?

The hymen cannot be broken, the hymen can only be stretched or torn. You know if the hymen has been torn because you can see it when you look at your vulva.

Can a doctor determine if your hymen is broken?

The hymen cannot be 'broken', although it can be torn if you've been penetrated with force or roughly - also it can be torn while a woman gives birth. A doctor can determine if your hymen is in tact or torn simply by looking at it, you can also see this for yourself.

How do I know if I am a virgin?

You know if you had intercourse regardless of intact hymen, if you did you are not

Is my wife a virgin even if she didn't bleed during our first intercourse?

The idea that a woman will bleed during first intercourse is not necessarily true. From what I know, if the hymen has already been broken, bleeding will not happen. The hymen may be broken through many every day activities, such as vigorous sports. It may also be broken if your wife uses tampons rather than pads.

How do you know if the hymen is broken or not?

if the girl is bleeding it's probably broken!

How you can know hymen is broken or not?

You know the hymen is in tact or not (the hymen does not break, it can tear) by looking. A woman can just look at her vulva in a mirror and see whether the hymen is in tact or not.

How do you know when your hymen has broken?

Blood and a little pain.

How do you know when hymen breaks?

There may be slight pain and bleeding at the time hymen breaks. Often you do not notice anything and don't know that hymen is broken.

How do you know if your cherry has been poped?

If you have had vaginal intercourse you are no longer a virgin. Some are born without a hymen and others hymen breaks long before they have sex due to gymnastics and other things.

How can you know if your hymen is broken or not?

get a mirror and have a look is my bet x]

How will you know your wife is virgin and if her hymen is broken and she doesnt bleeds during your first intercourse?

If your penis is large or long enough you should feel some initial resistance during depths of your penetration. Depending on the toughness of her hymen you may or may not feel it. Not all women bleed during intercourse for the first time.

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