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There is no such thing as popping the cherry. You bleed because you are a virgin. I have asked my doctor this question because a lot of girls at school were curious. If you have intercourse your hymen is broken, though you may not bleed because it broke earlier if you rode a bike,rode a horse, did gymnastics and lots of other things.

2006-07-04 20:16:08
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How can you know that a girl is a pure virgin?

You can't know if a girl is a virgin. Only she knows. Traditionally the status of virgin would have been if the girl's hymen was intact, but the hymen can be broken by vigorous exercise or other activities besides intercourse.

How would you know if your hymen broke?

The hymen cannot be broken, the hymen can only be stretched or torn. You know if the hymen has been torn because you can see it when you look at your vulva.

How do I know if I am a virgin?

You know if you had intercourse regardless of intact hymen, if you did you are not

How you can know hymen is broken or not?

You know the hymen is in tact or not (the hymen does not break, it can tear) by looking. A woman can just look at her vulva in a mirror and see whether the hymen is in tact or not.

How do you know if the hymen is broken or not?

if the girl is bleeding it's probably broken!

How do you know when hymen breaks?

There may be slight pain and bleeding at the time hymen breaks. Often you do not notice anything and don't know that hymen is broken.

How do you know if your cherry has been poped?

If you have had vaginal intercourse you are no longer a virgin. Some are born without a hymen and others hymen breaks long before they have sex due to gymnastics and other things.

How will you know your wife is virgin and if her hymen is broken and she doesnt bleeds during your first intercourse?

If your penis is large or long enough you should feel some initial resistance during depths of your penetration. Depending on the toughness of her hymen you may or may not feel it. Not all women bleed during intercourse for the first time.

How can you know if your hymen is broken or not?

get a mirror and have a look is my bet x]

How can you know if im virgin or not at home without going to a doctor?

It depends on how you define 'virgin'. To you does it mean 'not having had full-scale sexual intercourse' or does it mean 'is your hymen intact'? You know if you have had sex, but your hymen can be broken by vigorous excercise as well as by penetration of the vagina. If an intact hymen is important to your boyfriend or to yoiur marriage prospects, then probably only a medical examination can tell you.

Can you tell if a person is a virgin or not?

If after you have intercourse there is substantial bleeding, that is a good sign. But, there is always a chance that the hymen, or the skin covering, is already broken by some other means, then you may never know.

How can you identify a broken hymen?

The hymen cannot break, it can be torn as a result of rough or forced penetration. You can identify a torn hymen by looking at the hymen, if you know your body well you will be able to see the tear.

How do you know if your hymen is broken after losing your virginity?

You'll usually bleed, or be sore.

How do you know your hymen is broke?

Your hymen cannot be broke, it can be torn if you've engaged in rough or forced penetration. You can know if your hymen has been torn simply by looking at your vulva in a mirror to see the hymen.

How to check girl virginity?

There is no good way to check for virginity. Performing intercourse the first time could result in some pain in the hymen, but this does not always have to be the case. It doesn't have to bleed either. The only way to know for sure is asking and taking her word for it. The hymen isn't a physical seal that is broken or not.

How do you know when your maiden hood has been popped?

Some women bleed when their hymen is broken, but other women have no blood at all. Most women will at some point break their hymen long before they have sex for the first time. Common ways are through playing sports or being physically active, and using tampons. Really the only way to know for sure if your hymen is broken is to be examined by a gynecologist.

What should a guy do if his virgin girlfriend bleeds a lot the first time and gets scared?

Let her know that a little bleeding is normal because the hymen has been torn during intercourse.

If I don't know if my hymen is broken and i don't want to bleed during the intercourse can i pop it before?

You may or not all ready have a broken hymen and not know it. They tear for many reasons. It is also not guaranteed that you will bleed your first time. I think you are worried about something you don't need to worry about. I would suggest you worry more about who you will give your first time to. This is really special and when you waste that event it is something you will never get back the rest of your life.

How do know if you popped your cherry?

When your hymen breaks from penetration (usually causing bleeding); however, sometimes the hymen breaks before a you have intercourse from using tampons or riding a bicycle. Get a papsmear or see your doctor.

Can your hymen be broken and you don't know it?

It is suprisingly quite common for a woman's hymen to tear naturally, especially in athletic and active girls, horse riders for example.

Do all girls have hymen?

i believe all girls do have hymen but not all of them bleed during sexual intercourse . if you don't bleed that does not signify that you are not a virgin. some girls don't play sports but they lose it some how in another way without sexual intercourse. do don't have to know that you lose it.

How can you tell if your hymen is broken or not?

You wouldn't know the exact time of the hymen breaking, assuming you are a virgin. You will know when you feel a sudden stretch/pinch/slight pain when the man penetrates you and you might bleed alittle or not.

What happens if the hymen is broken?

Just a little blood (but not every girl is bleeding) . And know you are no more a virgin.

How do you know you popped your hymen?

The hymen cannot be popped - it can be torn, but not 'popped'. You know if it has been torn either as you will feel it tear or you will be able to see it if you look at your vulva in a mirror.

How do you know when your cherry gets popped?

Most of the time women don't know since it can break during sports etc but if you have sexual intercourse and the hymen is still intact, it will break then.