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At what age can a parent legally throw out a teenager in Texas?


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In the state of Texas a person becomes legally designated an adult at the age of 18. In most cases the parent(s) will no longer be legally or financially responsible for the child (an exception could be a child support order that stipulates a different age). If the parents so choose they may request their "adult" child to move from their residence.


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no, you have to be 18 legally to leave home home or be forced out of your own home

Yes, because it is their home, and you are now legally an adult.

The age of majority in Pennsylvania is 18. Until then the child is your responsibility. You provide them food and shelter.

The key here is the age of majority (adulthood) in your state or country. If they are an adult, the parents are no longer responsible. In Delaware that is the age of 18, but could be as high as 21. Check the majority age for your legal jurisdiction.

According to most state laws it is unlawful for a parent to throw a child out prior to the age of 18. You should check to ensure that the laws in your area are effective.

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Depends on the state. In NC your parents can throw you out at 16.

In Texas, the answer is No. Parents must provide food, clothing, and shelter for their children until they reach the age of 18. However, a child can voluntarily leave home at age 17, and there is nothing a parent can do to prevent it.

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No, a parent should never throw a 16 year old out of the house. Usually children choose when they want to leave, which is normally at about 18-21 years old.

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AnswerWhat I'm finding in Texas State Law is that you can't legally just throw a teenager out of your house without first pursuing legal action. Legal action includes reporting your child, especially in cases where the teen threatens physical harm to a family member. It's a multi-step process but if you keep your wits about you and stay calm you can make this happen legally. Eventually what happens is that your child would enter the juvenile detention system in worst-case scenarios. The other options include letting your child live with a friend or other family member, marriage, or military service. Personally, I'm pursuing the latter of those options. I don't care for my son to be raised outside of a structured environment other than my home or the military. I know the rest of my family does not want him living at their homes because he can be very disrespectful and now with his physical size there is no "making him do something" under physical duress. He will live by my rules in my home or he will live in the military under their rules if he wants to leave sooner. If he runs away, which I really hope he doesn't as he really doesn't understand how hard life can be, he is in for a big awakening, and not one that a parent wants for their child.Additional Information:The best way for a parent to legally handle their unruly teen is to pay a school that has a reputation for supervising them properly. This could be a military academy or a private school that specializes in unruly teens. There are programs that are covered under some insurance plans.

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Parents are responsible for the care of their children until they reach the age of majority. The only way to legally have your child removed from your care is to petition in family court that they be made a ward of the state, or find another adult who is willing to take legal responsibility for them.

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Absolutely. Once s/he's 18, s/he's considered an adult/

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