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Contact your local police department. "Tough love" is certainly appropriate in the situation you describe. The police may have some resources available for your son. Sometimes a "boot camp" type environment works well, other times they may need to get involved in a "Scared Straight" type program. Whatever you do, don't turn your back on this situation. He needs a reality check, and needs it now. Sorry to hear that you are having problems with the ones you love. It must be difficult. Remember that you certainly aren't doing him any favors by ignoring the behavior. What he is doing will assuredly result in his destruction. * The agency with jurisdiction to assist would be the Maryland Social Services Administration. Since the parents acknowledge that they are aware of the minor child using illegal substances, they should be extremely cautious involving law enforcement until they have been apprised of their own accountability status. The legal age of majority for the state is 18.

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How can you get addopted by another family?

The only way to get adopted by another family is if your parents are abusive towards you and you report to the police and they'll sort it out.

Can a 15-year-old move out of their parents' house with a family that takes all responsibility for the child?

You can petition the court for emancipation. Having that other family ready to "adopt you" will help, but it's no guarantee. Unless your parents are physically abusive the law will defer to them. If they are physically abusive, start by contacting the police.

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Can you leave your parents' house if you are 17 and they are separated and your dad is abusive to you?

Yes you can. If you live with the dad and he is abusive to you and the mother doesnt live in the house, you can talk to her and see if you can live with her or someone else in the family. There is help out there if you are ever needing it. They are there for everyone and anyone

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Should at least 1 appointment be made with an abuser program against an abuser's will if that's what's best for the family?

Yes, clearly the abusive family member wouldn't willingly attend something intended to correct his/her abusive behavior I they are indeed abusive.

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Afsaneh Knight has written: 'Slaughterhouse heart' -- subject(s): Fiction, Abusive parents, Terminally ill, Fathers and sons, Family relationships

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How does an orphan live?

An orphan may live a sad life of the wanting to get their parents back. Or, the orphan may live a life of happiness by sharing it with a new family. It sometimes depends on what kind of relationship you had with your parents or how strict they were of if you had abusive parents. Well first they might contact the orphanage and go there until they find a new family. Or, they will go to there closest relative.

If protective services takes a 16-year-old girl from an abusive home can she move in with her boyfriend's parents instead of a family member or a foster house in the state of Michigan?


How can I deal with a highly abusive brother when your parents won't listen?

Tell a teacher, counselor, anyone who will listen. When it comes to abusive relationships (family or lovers) you cant always do it on your own. Control, is probably the most important factor in abusive realationships, and there are many different ways to control a situation that doesnt have to be getting physical. There are people who can help you, dont be afraid to get the help you need.

Is it disrespectful to kiss someones shoe?

Yes it is disrespectful to kiss someones shoe, because due to the training that MOM, DAD, and family has taught you it would be an example to the outer world. it is embarrassing.

Do siblings have custody rights if mother dies?

No. This is the hirearchy in the usual situation for custody rights for a minor (child under 18 years of age), but there are exceptions (abusive family, etc.) Parents The Parents immediate family (excepting children) Adopted Guardians, or a sibling over the age of 18 See: Discussion page.

My husband is verbally abusive?

If your husband is verbally and emotionally abusive, you can break the negative cycle by seeking the services of a family counselor or filing for divorce.

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How long it takes to get divorce from a abusive husband?

The time period does not depend on whether the husband is abusive or not. Call or visit your local family court. Timelines vary in different jurisdictions.The time period does not depend on whether the husband is abusive or not. Call or visit your local family court. Timelines vary in different jurisdictions.The time period does not depend on whether the husband is abusive or not. Call or visit your local family court. Timelines vary in different jurisdictions.The time period does not depend on whether the husband is abusive or not. Call or visit your local family court. Timelines vary in different jurisdictions.

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Do abusive parents become abusive to grandchildren?

Yes, but usually if it's physical abuse it doesn't happen as often with grandchildren because the parents are usually around and also, when parents bring up their own children their patience often grows thin, but when grandchildren come along they seem to have more patience (perhaps because they aren't around them 24/7 and they go home eventually.) If grandparents were abusive to their own children then I would hesitate to leave children with them. If it was sexual abuse then this never goes away! Don't leave children when anyone in the family that has sexually abused children even if their mate is with them or other family members. Most children that are sexually abused are by a father, grandfather or a close relative. In some cases women can sexually abuse males in the family.

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