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At what age do they considered a child emancipated?

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The legal age of majority in Nebraska is 19. In all other states the age when a minor becomes an adult is 18. This does not apply to court orders of support where a different age is stipulated and it may not apply to a person who is physically or mentally disabled.

2006-07-17 19:23:31
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Q: At what age do they considered a child emancipated?
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What happens to an emancipated child that is under age in Connecticut?

If they are emancipated, they are no longer considered 'under age.' In order to be emancipated, they have to show that they can take care of themselves and have financial stability.

When does a child is emancipated?

{| |- | When they reach the age of 18 in most states they are considered emancipated. At that point the parents are no longer responsible for them. Until then, they are kind of stuck. |}

Are you considered emancipated when becoming a parent at age 17 in ny state?

Having a child does not emancipate a minor.

Can you get child support at the age of 19 in new york if employed?

This child would probably be considered emancipated and therefore no child support would be awarded.

If you have a child at the age of 15 are you automaticly emancipated?

no you have to apply through the courts to be emancipated

If you are currently receiving child support and are 18 would you be considered emancipated if you were to get engaged?

At 18 you became legally emancipated according to the state. * Some states allow child support to continue beyond the age of 18 if the child is in school. I

What age in Jackson MS can a child be emancipated?

Age 18

What age is a child considered to be unemancipated in Pennsylvania?

There is no specific age for a child to become unemancipated. There are a variety of reasons why a child may want to become emancipated. In the state of Pennsylvania, there is no minimum age for emancipation however, there must be a reason for the child to request this status.

At what age can a child be emancipated in Nebraska?

The emancipation age in Nebraska is 19.

Can a chid be emancipated at age 20?

Typically a child is emancipated when they reach the age of 18. There would be no reason to emancipate them, they are an adult.

Can an emancipated teenager living other adults get child support?

In general, emancipated children are not eligible for child support - they are considered adults.

Your divorce states that child support will be paid until the child reaches the age of 18 or is otherwise emancipated what does this mean?

There are times when a child prefers to be on their own and asks to be emancipated. When a child is legally emancipated, you are finally free from a support obligation.

Can a emancipated child receive money from a deceased parents life insurance?

An emancipated child is considered an adult. They are entitled to receive any benefits assigned to them. If they are not emancipated, the money will go into a trust for them.

Is a teen mother automatically emancipated in the state of Florida?

No, they are not emancipated. Having a child does not change the age of adulthood.

At what age can a child be emancjpated from one parent?

The age varies from state to state. In the state of Missouri a child can be emancipated at the age of 16.

Can you get emancipated after 18 for financial aid purposes?

You are considered an adult at age 18 in most places. If your parents are no longer supporting you, you are considered emancipated.

What age is a child considered a minor in WA state?

Any person under the age of 18, unless legally emancipated by the courts, is deemed a minor. See link below:

New york state child support maximum age?

In New York State the maximum age for child support is 21 years old. However that is considered "emancipated" if the child gets married, becomes self-supporting, or joins the military.

In Pennsylvania Can a 18 year old withdraw from high school without being emancipated?

At the age of 18 years old, the person is no longer considered a child. They are now considered an adult and would not need to be emancipated to do anything, including dropping out of high school.

Can a parent have a child emancipated?

yes a prent can have their child emancipated at the age of 16 usually but every state has there own laws check with a legal aid attorneyAnsweryes a prent can have their child emancipated at the age of 16 usually but every state has there own laws check with a legal aid attorney

Can a child leave home at the age of 16 in Texas?

yes if they get emancipated

What age in New Jersey can a parnet kick out their child?

When they are 18 and emancipated.

Does it mean you're emancipated if you're under age with a child?

Not necessarily.

How old do a adopted child have to be to move out the house?

Any child regardless of parentage can be legally emancipated at the age of 16 however they need to realize that in the United States, a child under the age of 18 can generally be considered emancipated, no longer under parental control, for three main reasons: legal marriage, demonstrated financial independence, or military service.

At what age can a child become emancipated in Kansas?

I would like to know the age of emancipation in kansas.