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At what age does the size of the ball change from size 4 to size 5?


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2015-07-15 21:38:38
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Usually at age fourteen.

When you start U13 you switch to a size 5 instead of size 4.


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The ball comes in three sizes. Size 3 for children , size 4 for teenagers and size 5 which is used from age 14 and up.

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It depends on how old you are and what age group you are in. Anyone under U-8 uses a size 3 ball. When you get to U-9 you start to use a size 4. In middle school soccer you use a size 5 ball.

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Due to the average size of a dodgeball, Your hand would have to be 3-4 times larger then the ball to effectively throw a change up.

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It relates to the size of a golf ball. The average golf ball has a circumference of 4"

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U14 age groups (12-13-year-olds) typically play with a Size 5 ball, though some few leagues still use Size 4.

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