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At what age is a cat able to have kittens?

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Anything after 5 months so get her spayed by that time. A five month old kitten is the equilivent of a 10 year old girl having a baby. Not a good idea for humans or cats. Letting a young and not yet mature cat breed comes with increased risk for both mother and litter. A kitten is still developing mentally and physically, and there is a high risk of health complications with the mother and the kittens. It is recommended to spay kittens before 6 months of age.

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After about a year cats are fully matured and able to mate/have kittens.

The best age for cats to have kittens is early in their adulthood. The prime age is about 2 or 3.

On average, a Ragdoll cat has 5 kittens per litter. The age of the cat is a large factor. A younger cat is probably only going to have 1-2 kittens per litter.

No. Any cat over one year of age(that is a female) can have kittens.

Cats nurse kittens until the kittens are about four or five weeks old. At this age, kittens begin to wean and are able to eat soft kitten food. The mother cat's teets will dry and retract slightly. The only true way to tell if a cat is still nursing kittens is through observation.

The best age to introduce a kitten to a cat would be just as the kittens able to be taken away from its mothe as you may find your cat will act as a parent and protect the kitten and come very attached

A female cat that is not spayed is able to mate and give birth to kittens as long as she lives. Nikki"Neuter and spay; never let them stray!"

lets see, a cat can have kittens at the age of 6 months, and it takes 9 weeks to have 1 litter of 2-4 kittens aprox. im bored so you do the math and voila.

no they can not only if the cat and another cat can have the kittens

100 years old in dog years

she will pur and you will see the kittens moving in her stomache and be able to feel the kittens bodies yeah well my cat is really fat and kittens movingbut when are the other signs though??:S

Cats can begin having kittens by age 6 months old. A cat can be pregnant every few months. Cats can have babies up to about age 10-12 years old.

A female cat usually develops hormones around the age of six months and therefore is able to have kittens. However, at 6 months old, the cat is still a kitten herself, so letting her breed will severely endanger her and the unborn kittens lives, as both mother and litter need a lot of energy to grow and develop in a healthy manner.

The cat can be quite young-even a kitten. However the healthier age for a female cat to have kittens is when they are fully mature at the age of two.

No. It is not possible for a male cat to have kittens. In order to have kittens a cat must have a uterus and male cats do not have a uterus. If your male cat is having kittens, it is not a male, it is a female.

No, a spayed cat will not be able to have kittens, nor come on heat. The spaying procedure removes the reproductive organs which renders a female cat unable to come into season and have kittens.

average is 4 but a cat can have from 2 to 8 kittens

yes kittens are easier to train because they are smaller and at a young age, they should be trained. kittens at young age are proven to be a bit smarter than at old age, making young kittens easier to train.

My client witnesses a hermaphrodite cat have kittens, it looks mostly male from the outside but delivered kittens.

The average cat can have 3 to 6 kittens

'with two kittens' describe the cat. So, you should write 'is sleeping'. But if you mean that all three of them are sleeping, write 'A cat and his two kittens are sleeping'.

it actually depends on the cat. if it is a more chubbier cat it will probably be around 4-6 kittens. if it is more smaller cat, it will have about 1-3 kittens.