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up until the age of 18, in most places, you parents have the right to force you to come home and you can be put in juvenile detention.

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Q: At what age is it legal for a minor to leave their parents' home without fear of going to juvenile detention?
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Should children be locked up in detention centres?

I believe that children should be locked up in juvenile detention center instead of going to adult jails. This allows time for reform.Answerim doing a debate at school and i have to say: Yes, they should and they can, because in or out their still in our country and they will end up treating us like dirt, whats the point ... they have a country, stay there!! they'll proburly be racist to us anyway, but children, i have no say they should just stay with their parents whereever they go. i know it sounds awful but its the truth. Children should be locked up in detention!

How do skip a detention?

* Don't go to school that day * Pretend you are ill at detention time and that you feel like you are going to be sick * Pretend that you forgot

How do you use the word qualms in a sentence?

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How old do you have to be to move out without going to court?

18 but maybe 17 if your parents are ok with it

Why are kids going to the detention room?

They are in detintion either for chewing gum or other

Are parents legally responsible for a child who is 20 and moved out without going to school in New York?

No. At 18 you are a legal adult, and your parents are not responsible for you.

Can you travel across the border to the states from Canada without your parents?

It depends how old you have and how you are going to travel to Canada. Like,If you have more than 12 and travel by plane and have a passport you can travek without your parents.

Can your teacher put you in detention for saying no to going to sit elsewhere with someone you hate and after saying no is it right thathe sends you to detention because he gets you into trouble?

Your teacher can put you in detention for any reason they wish. I'm sure the school has a set of parameters, but saying 'No' to a teacher is going to be well within that list. if he does that move to another school

Can you get arrested for leavin your house without permission in Delaware?

You are not going to be arrested. But you can be taken into custody and returned to your parents.

If i am 14 and miserable how do i move out without going to a foster home and without parents consent where you go?

If you're in the US... You can't move out, unless your parents agree to allow someone else (a relative, for example) to have custody of you.

What is the legal age to date without your parents approval?

once your 18 years old you can do whatever you want without your parents approval but that depends what kind of parents you have. but what your parents don't know can't hurt them......tell them your going to the library or the mall with friends...i don't know but something like that should work.

What is the legal age for a teen to move out of their parents' house without their parents' permission in Texas?

17 as long as you are living in a safe place and are going to school

How do you go on a date with your boyfriend without your parents knowing?

Tell your parents you're going to the mall to chill with some of your girlfriends and just meet up with your boyfriend at the mall.

How do you get susspended from middle school?

u get suspended by roaming the halls without a pass, not wearing ur uniform, going 2 detention @ least 3 times, and fighting with others! dont do any of these things whatsoeva!

What do you do after detention?

I think you should calm down and not freak out about how your going to kill the teacher. At my school we don't do detention on Friday afternoons. Probably because you have a day to mouth off at the teacher for giving you detention. You probably get more but it might be worth it Maybe you should just RUN LIKE HELL!!

What if your parents wont give consent of your emancipation?

You have to convince the court that you can take care of yourself without your parents. Chances are pretty high that unless there is abuse or other factors that they aren't going to allow you to leave. You have to convince the court that you can take care of yourself without your parents. Chances are pretty high that unless there is abuse or other factors that they aren't going to allow you to leave.

What are the consequences for not going to school tomorrow?

Well, there could be several consequences. You could receive a three-day suspension if your teacher finds out you skipped. Or, if you've been caught skipping before, you could receive a truancy, which would mean you go to court and possibly sit in juvenile detention for three days.

How do you date a guy without your parents knowing?

Tell your parents that you are going with a bunch of friends somewhere but don't say you're going with your BF. This is not really lying because you WOULD be going with a bunch of friends. You could also REALLY lie and say you're going with some friends but just go somewhere with your BF, but if you lie like that you might get in big trouble if your parents find out. Make sure not to talk about the guy you're dating around your parents, and tell your friends to never mention it around your parents.

Delinquency social and legal?

A juvenile delinquency is a person that has broke the law. The person is not old enough to go to jail so will be going to juvenile center.

How do I go on a date without parents knowing when I am in middle school?

You don't. You are too young to be going behind your parents' backs and disobeying them. Until you have a job and can support yourself, you have to go by their rules.

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Can a 17 year old leave state for vacation with out parents consent?

this 17 year girl lives with another family and planning a cruise going to mexico. can she go without her parents permission