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There is no time a father should shower with his daughter at any age! It's OK to help bath your daughter up to the age of 4 - 5 years of age, but more often than not the mother does this. Some mothers will have a bath with their young daughters, but by the time the daughter is 6 years and up they deserve their own privacy. I would tell your mother that your father is showering with you. It simply isn't right!

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Is there an age when a FATHER should stop being a father in a daughter's life?

No, once a father always a father. No matter what their ages are, they will always be father and daughter.

When should a father stop bathing his daughter?

When she believes she can bathe herself without anyone's help. Maybe around 8.

How do you make your penis stop stinking?

stop putting it in stinky things... And showering helps

Is there a legal age limit for a father to stop bathing his daughter with a long term illness?


How can a father stop paying child support if the seventeen year old daughter moved in with her boyfriend?

File for stop emotion

Does a father who is paying child support on his daughter have the right to stop paying once his 16 year old daughter gives birth to a child?


Can a hot bath stop your period?

no, it stops only while youre showering but it wont stop it completely

Can my ex stop me and my daughter moving from Scotland to England?

Your ex can stop you and your daughter moving from Scotland to England if they have also custody of your daughter. You should try to work something out between the two of you.

How do you stop any college bully from annoying you?

stop showering, they won't come near you because you'll smell.

Can unmarried daughter leave the state of new york with her newborn baby and live with parents in minnesota?

Yes, but the father can and should file an injunction to stop his child being taken away.

How can I tell my brother-in-law to stop showering with my niece?

Depending on the child's age depends on if their showering routine is socially acceptable. As he is the parent it is his decision though it can be brought up in general conversation. If there is suspected to be more then showering going on contact the authorities.

How do you stop an unfit father from getting shared custody of your daughter?

you need to have proof of this. testmomials, documents, people to testify

If you file for paternity and the father is notified to file for paternity to can you request from your lawyer to stop the proceedings to stop the father from getting paternity?

You can stop yours, but he can file his own, as he should. I teach fathers how to do this.

When should single father stop sleeping with 9 year old daughter?

A child should never sleep with a parent. It creates bad sleeping habits, risks crushing of the child with dangerous consequences and can even result in criminal charges.

Your daughter is in jail and you have legal custody of her children how can you stop father from taking them out of state?

Get can't without the permission of the court. File an injunction.

Does your period stop when you are swimming?

Your period can stop while swimming and showering as your body temperature changes. i recommend still using a tampon while swimming

How do you help your dad stop drinking?

you should tell you father that you don't like the way he is drinking. But if he does not listen then you should take to your teacher or the police station. It is not like they are going to take you father to jail, they will just talk to your father and tell him to stop drinking, and start training him.

Can you stop visiting your father?

I feel that you can never stop visiting you own father, he is the one who gave you life and you should respect that and look after him. My grandpa is ill at the moment and my dad goes to visit him every day and takes him presents this shows you should never stop visiting.

What age for a child in Illinois to stop going by her dads house?

The relationship with the child's father should be encouraged. If there are school activities for the child, the father should participate. Unless, the child is in serious endangerment when she is with the father.

where do I go to get custody of my 13 year old daughter that wants to live with me her father?

Your first stop should be Child Protective Services. They are going to have significant input to the judge when a decision is made. They will want to know you have a stable financial and housing situation.

What do I do about my daughters father who uses crack?

Wouldn't your daughter's father be you? so you should smack yourself and tell yourself to STOP DOING CRACK!

Is it wrong for a father to give his daughter a bath no matter what age?

Yes! Not as a teenager or older. A father should probably stop giving his daughter baths sometime around kindergarten age.It truly depends on if the girl is a child of special needs or not. It is really disgusting if the girl is past preschool. leave that stuff for the mom to deal with.If I may add, if the girl has started to mature, or already has, and the father STILL does it, i would suggest someone keep him away from her. and she take a SHOWER, ALONE!

At what age should a father stop bathing his daughter?

Never! always wash your child!!!!! or else they become dirty If either the child, the father, or the mother is uncomfortable with the situation then the bathing should stop immediately. I would advise by about age 7-8 that the little girl is supervised by the mother only. By that age, the little girl will feel "weird" about the situation but probably wont say anything. To be totally sure the mother or someone who is close to the child shold talk to her and get her opinion on it.

What is the legal age a father has to stop sleeping in his daughters bed in England?

There is not a set legal age a father has to stop sleeping in his daughters bed in England. This should not take place much longer than a few years of age.

Can a person be come sick if they stop showering?

Yes, Bactria on the body can form from not showering, if you don't wash you hands before eating, or coming out of the bathroom your body needs more energy to fight the germs. With less energy your immune system will try to work harder, making you tired, and eventually sick with a cold, from not showering Oder, and soars can occur, taking showers is a necessary form of keeping your body healthy.

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