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  • Having raised two daughters, both of whom tended to be tom-boyish, we never had this issue come up; however, we did make the distinction between school attire and "dress" clothing. I don't thinks it's appropriate for a young woman, or even an pre-teen to wear 4" heels to school (I assume, your daughter doesn't walk to school). Nice dresses, skirts, high heels were clothing items for going out socially (parties, family socials, dinner out, etc.). Does your daughter already wear heels comfortably? Can she run in them (in case of potentially dangerous situations? Perhaps 15 or 16 is a good age for heels.
  • Do you really believe 4-inch heels are in any way appropriate attire for ''school''? Or for teenagers at any time other than maybe Homecoming or Prom? When was the last time you took out a ruler or measuring tape and really looked at how high 4-inches really is? As the mother of two young daughters (8 and 9) who already try to act far older than they are, I allow lip gloss and very light blush, but when the time comes, I will draw the line at high heels at school. It's a matter of choosing you fights wisely - you can overlook little things but as a responsible parent you need to draw the line somewhere.
  • School is a place for learning not for fashion shows and 4-inch heels tend to distract young men. I know, I used to wear 4-inch heels to school myself. Sure they looked sexy (is that how you want people to think of your daughter?), and they attracted a lot of attention especially with a short skirt but by the end of the day my feet would be killing me and no, my mom didn't ''let'' me wear them, she just never paid attention to anything I did. I learned a lot from her ... about how a parent should not act or treat his or her children. ''Parents'' should NOT encourage their daughters to try to be sexy. Celebrities, television, movies and magazines seem to be objectifying girls and making girls feel insecure quite well on their own. I have a son in high school and I know what he and his friends think about girls who dress too provocatively. I've heard the things they say and it basically amounts to how hot and/or easy certain girls are. They don't respect those girls at all. And almost all of them have cute, sweet, ''smart'' girlfriends they aren't embarrassed to introduce to their mom's...and it makes me very proud of the them. And before anyone reading this even starts to think it...I am not some radical feminist nor am I even particularly religious. I enjoy dressing sexy and making myself attractive, I also have a couple of tattoos and a discrete piercing but ''I'' am an adult, not some little preteen Paris Hilton 'wannabe.' I am also intelligent and resent people assuming I'm empty headed because I'm attractive and blond - with or without stiletto heels.
  • Encourage your daughter to respect herself and not be ashamed to be smart or athletic. The testosterone is at high speed with teenage boys who eventually grow up too, and the ones worth having will be the ones who have learned to admire and respect a self-confident, intelligent woman while still being able to appreciate the female form without feeling the need to treat her badly. Do your daughter a favor and stick to lower heeled shoes - two inch heels are still high enough to show off ones legs without being slutty and flats and sneakers can be very cute with the right outfits. And lets not forget the aches and pains that high heels can cause - like bunions, corns, blisters and twisted ankles. Eighteen is soon enough for dressing and acting sexy. Please, let your kids be kids while they can. Don't they grow up fast enough as it is?
  • Two inches is still awfully high. I would say 1.5 max. They will be in them all day and their feet are still growing a little. School is no place for that sort of thing.
  • I am a 14 year old girl and from my perspective, high heels are just fine for younger girls to wear as long as they aren't too high. I would say minimum age to wear heels is 12. The older the girl, the higher the shoe may be. I personally have a pair of 4-inch heels, but only because my mom is kind of loose on shoe rules. Here are my ages and heights: Age Height of High Heel 12 1-2inches 13 2-3inches 14 3 inches 15 3 inches 16 4 inches 17+ 4+ inches
  • I started to wear 4 inch heels in grade 9 so early teens and I saw nothing wrong with it. School is a place of learning but it can become an event like going out because it is probably the most social thing she will do all day even if she goes out with her friends or family later. Heels are not distracting to men. Most really don't care what is on your feet but if you are wearing a short skirt it wont matter if you are wearing tennis shoes they will be distracted and who cares! I hate those rules that it is too distracting to the male students seriously they need to teach boys some self control then if shoes and spaghetti straps are to distracting.
  • School is no place for 4 inch high heels. This height of heel is usually worn when out on a date for the evening. 4 inch heels are also bad for posture and the back, but then again, young girls aren't thinking about that. I would refuse to let my daughter go to school in 4 inch heels! When they are out on their own and can afford to pay for their own stilettos then they can wear stilts if they want. You're the parent and the law in your household and she's the minor. Go halfway with her and let her wear some type of a high heel, but not that high.
  • In the late 70's and early 80's, girls 13 through 18 wore very high heels 3 to 4 inches, either a platform or a stilletto type. The difference was that the skirts were knee length so the heels were classy looking. Today, you see micro mini's and shorts with these heels and its a whole new impression. That was what hookers wore in the old days. So it's not the shoe, it's what's worn with it.
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Q: At what age would you allow your children to wear 4-inch high heels to school?
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