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For me it was about 30K (Crank Position Sensor - $110 part), but I have kept the thing going with small part replacement so far (now at 73K). Repairs included blower fan repair (remove, clean, lube and reinstall, no part cost), fog light lens ($28 at junkyard), stereo replacement (broken tape deck replaced with new Sony w. CD changer - $350), door panel popped off (replaced plastic fasteners - about $5). My 99 3.5 suffers from the flickering headlight problem (a new alternator supposedly fixes this - about $180 part), which I am seriously thinking about, but haven't done yet, and the dual climate control hot driver/cold passenger problem (no fix works that I have found). SOme people swear by these cars, others swear AT them.

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Isuzu Rodeo cold start problems?

Check the Rodeo choke to make sure that is closes when its cold. A bad choke will give you starting problems in the cold.

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Why is the gas mileage so high on my 1986 Toyota truck?

you may have changed the tire size which will give you incorrect mileage hence causing an erroneous gas mileage reading.

Why does your 85 Chevy give you problems when it rains?

why does your 85 Chevy give you problems when it rains

If a car dosnt give mileage so what to do?

There is only one thing to do if your car is not showing the mileage. You should take it in the to the dealership and have it fixed.

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Does a crack air filter hose reduce gas mileage?

Yes. The hose is there to give your engine fresh air and helps the engine breathe more efficiently, and therefore run more efficiently. The drop in mileage will not be dramatic, but in the long run, this can cause more problems than reduce gas mileage. If you're not confident changing the hose yourself, any Toyota certified mechanic will be happy to do it for you.

I need to find mileage from ames Iowa to emmetsburg Iowa can you help me?

Try going to You can enter the exact start and end point; it will give you directions as well as number of miles.

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yes and more horsepower

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Will a blown head gasket give you poor fuel mileage?

It could.

What mileage does a hero Honda CD deluxe give?

75 kmpl

Would removing the AC unit off a 1998 Chevy Malibu give better performance and increase gas mileage Also can you do that?

No it will not give you better performance or increase gas mileage. Gas mileage and performance will decrease only if you use it. leaving it off is like not having it at all.

Does replacing the head gasket give you better gas mileage?

No it does not give you better gas mileage, all it does is helps with any loss of horse power and white smoke coming from the tailpipe due to burning antifreeze.

Can you give me a sentence using the word mileage?

The fuel mileage of the new cars far exceeds that of the older models which makes them more economical to drive.

What brand of car is the most economic?

In my opinion, Toyota offers the best overall value. In the production line, of course manufacturers will offer the best ones that would give you more mileage. But, after buying a vehicle, its brand wont really matter for the mileage it could give you. Size of the cars can also vary its being economic. Well, of course, you just have to find some difference with the space and safety test grade. Cars that are properly maintained and serviced can give you more mileage along with some extra driving tips. Proper driving can also give you more mileage in a way that you run your car at the way that it is not overdone. Too much weight, to much rpm, old oil, improper tire pressure can give you a decrease for a mileage. But for now, small cars branded with Smart or Toyota can give you good mileage.

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How much do a fuel pump for a 2000 oldsmobile intrigue cost?

Any auto parts store can quote you a price. Give them a call.

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Does a faulty power steering pressure switch affect gas mileage?

Yes, the faulty power steering pressure switch does affect the gas mileage. It will give a wrong reading of the gas mileage. It is therefore important to fix it when it is faulty.

Can an aftermarket battery cause problems on a ml32 Mercedes Benz?

As long as the battery is correct specification, and serviceable it will not affect the car. The problems start to accrue if the battery is not large enough or getting weak. If the battery voltage drop below 11 volts the vehicle will start to give fault codes.

How do you figure the mileage difference for bigger tires?

best way is to use a percentage multiplier.... go to and determine your speedometer difference..... that will give you an idea of the mileage difference.

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Why does a 1991 Ford Taurus transmission blow fluid past the front seal when driven a far distance?

Ford had internal design problems with a lot of their auto transmissions. Some would last the life of the car, other's would give out with low mileage on them. Transmission shops will put replacement ones in those cars but they still have the design problems. Essentially lemons straight from the factory. Needs a front seal. Worn out from mileage. Dan the tranny man