Oldsmobile Intrigue

At what mileage will a 99 Intrigue start to give you problems?


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For me it was about 30K (Crank Position Sensor - $110 part), but I have kept the thing going with small part replacement so far (now at 73K). Repairs included blower fan repair (remove, clean, lube and reinstall, no part cost), fog light lens ($28 at junkyard), stereo replacement (broken tape deck replaced with new Sony w. CD changer - $350), door panel popped off (replaced plastic fasteners - about $5). My 99 3.5 suffers from the flickering headlight problem (a new alternator supposedly fixes this - about $180 part), which I am seriously thinking about, but haven't done yet, and the dual climate control hot driver/cold passenger problem (no fix works that I have found). SOme people swear by these cars, others swear AT them.