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The earliest written text concerning kosher food and food preparation appears in The Bible, specifically the book of Leviticus (ch.11), which lays out all the religious laws.

It started when the mandate of the Torah was given to Israel. According to tradition, the Torah was given in 1312 BCE.

Answer 2- Rather than edit the above, I would like to give a second perspective. Leviticus has some of the kosher laws, but not all of them. It lists the foods that God named as ritually permitted, and the foods that aren't.

The rest of the kosher laws are in the Oral Torah. They reiterate the laws of the Torah but add further details as per rabbinic tradition. For example, according to the literal verse of the bible, we are not to cook a kid (baby lamb or goat) in its mother's milk. Kosher law (which is recorded in the Talmud and other rabbinic writings) adds that a Jew cannot mix meat and dairy at all. This is why an Orthodox Jew will have two separate sets of utensils.

AnswerAccording to Judaism, kashrut became a part of Judaism the moment the Torah was received. This is why during the holiday of Shavuot the tradition is to eat dairy only; because right after the Torah was received, the cooking utensils of the Israelites could not be used because they weren't yet kashered, so no meat was eaten until this situation was resolved. Of course, the laws of kashrut have evolved over the last 3500 years so they are more detailed today than they were as listed in the Torah.
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Q: At what point did the kosher food requirement begin in Judaism?
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