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Once you find out if you are having a church wedding or an outdoor wedding and you have made up your mind as to what colors the dresses of your Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids are going to wear. Also whether you are having an indoor reception or an outdoor one. You can go through bridal magazines and if you find bouquets or table-settings you like you can take a picture to the florist of your choice or simply sit down with the florist you have chosen and she will have catalogues for you to go through with different pictures and types of flowers. It's customary that if you have flowers at the front of the altar that you leave them for the church. These flowers do not include the pillar stands, but only vased flowers. The pillar stands usually belong to the florist. If you have an outdoor wedding and a reception indoors then the altar flowers are moved to the reception. Congratulations!

2006-08-29 18:18:18
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When planning a wedding when should you hire a wedding coordnaitor?

about 2 months beofore the wedding.

What types of companies hire people for wedding planning?

wedding planers do not work for a company, they are independat contractors and they to plan for weddings by themselves.

What is the best wedding planning guide?

I found a great website that is specifically helping you, as a wedding planner, hire performers, singers, bands, etc. for your wedding. Here's the site, check it out!

How to Select the Right Florist for Your Wedding?

By the time her wedding day arrives, a bride is often frazzled by the stress caused by planning her big day. On the day of the actual event, everything must go perfectly, thus giving the bride the sense of satisfaction in knowing that her hard work and sleepless nights paid off. The last thing she needs to worry about is how the flowers will look when she enters the room. That’s why it is extremely important that the right florist is chosen. When selecting the right florist for your wedding, there are a few things to consider. The most important part of choosing the florist is the availability of the florist for a consultation session. During this session, the florist should set aside an uninterrupted block of time to meet with the bride and discuss ideals. Since the florist usually delivers and sets up the floral arrangements, photos and references from previous weddings should be available. This will provide a general idea of what the florist’s strengths are in the area of creativity. Brides may obtain new ideas from these photos. Additionally, a bride may use the photos to point out arrangements that do not appeal to the particular theme being used in her wedding. This information can be extremely helpful to a professional florist in capturing the bride’s vision for her special day. During this session, the bride should evaluate the florist’s creativity, experience, flexibility, availability, and cost. A good florist should want to work with the bride in this important planning process, offering tips and suggestions, while remaining open to the bride’s design ideas without making her feel like a novice. For the right amount of money, a bride can hire the perfect florist. However, a bride must keep her wedding budget in check. If her budget does not allow for the high-priced florist used by celebrities, she must prioritize and identify the floral needs of her wedding. Depending on the extent of the set-up, brides can possibly look to pick-up rather than delivery in an effort to save money. After the bride’s dress and the wedding cake, the flowers are often the most-noticed part of a wedding. Choosing the right florist can turn the bride’s big day into the fairy tale wedding she’s always dreamed.

Where can one find out about open spaces to hire locally for a wedding?

The venue is one of the most important parts of wedding planning. Professional wedding planners are good resources for locating venues. Hotels and parks are also often available.

What are the steps in planning a wedding?

One of the most important aspects of your wedding will be your emcee. A good emcee means a good time for you guests. You can hire professional emcees that are very talented and will make your wedding memorable. I found a great website where you can browse wedding emcees to book for your wedding:

Wedding Planning?

Wedding Planner takes care of the responsibility for necessities in your wedding such as invitations, decorations, wedding destination, photography, music, etc,

Does anyone know a good wedding planning place?

One can hire a Wedding Planner online on sites such as Collection26, Linda Cooper Weedings or I Do Designer Weddings. These people will be able to organise and plan your wedding, with your input, to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Where can one find help when planning a wedding?

There are online guides that assist couples in preparing for their wedding, like the PerfectWeddingGuide. There are also books one can buy from the bookstore or borrow from the library. If one has the money they can also hire a wedding planner that can be tracked down with sites like WeddingWire.

Where can one find a wedding photographer for hire in Edmonton?

One can find a wedding photographer for hire in Edmonton at the website "gigmasters". At "gigmasters" there are plenty of wedding photographers that one could choose from.

Why would you want to hire a cheap wedding photographer?

If you care about how your wedding photos come out, them being cheap shouldn't be the sole determination as to whether you hire them or not.

What are the benefits of Wedding Limo Hire in Sydney?

weCars is providing the best wedding car in Sydney. If you want to get the best wedding car on hire then weCars can give you the best cars to hire for your special day. Visit weCars to know more

Who can I hire to make a honeymoon video?

You can hire a professional videographer to make your honeymoon video. This may be tricky to bring a videographer along to your honeymoon, so you may have to find a local videographer who can film your experiences when you arrive at your honeymoon destination. Another option is to film your own honeymoon footage and bring that back to the wedding videographer to add to the wedding video. Check out for other ideas.

Check list for wedding?

Check List:Work out your budget.Pick your wedding partyStart the guest listHire a planner, if desiredReserve your date and venuesBook your officiantResearch photographers, bands, florists, and caterersThrow an engagement party, if you wishHire the photographer and the videographerBook the entertainmentMeet caterersPurchase a dressReserve a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town guestsRegisterLaunch a wedding websiteSelect and purchase invitationsStart planning a honeymoonShop for bridesmaids' dressesMeet with the officiantSend save-the-date cardsReserve structural and electrical necessitiesBook a floristArrange transportation

In the movie The Wedding Singer what did the other wedding singer inspire Julia to do?

Hire a DJ

How do you wedding in AQWorlds?

You can if you make the wedding in an special place and pretend hire some people to tell everyone to go to your wedding.

How would using a website help create a wedding?

When planning a wedding, or creating one, you can use websites in a number of ways. You can use them to research locations for the wedding, car hire, dressmakers, flowers, invitations, etc.. and also use them to look for inspiration on how other people have planned and created their own special day.

Where is it possible to hire estate planning lawyers?

There are many places where a person can go to hire estate planning lawyers. Sites like mytaxattorney, personalfamilylawyer, and legalmatch all have estate planning lawyers a person can use.

Can you find an event or wedding planner and work for them as an assistant?

Yes, send them an e-mail or call and ask them if they work with assistants and how they hire them. It is also possible to work for a wedding and/or event coordinator with their own company or for an entire event planning firm as an unpaid intern (for the experience).

Do you give your wedding planner a gift?

Well, if I'll hire a wedding planner, I will surely give her something special - a token of appreciation. For example, a box full of chocolates or a collage of her pictures while she's helping me with the wedding planning. (Stolen shots would be great option). Haha. A thank you card can be also nice. :)

Would you hire a wedding planner?

Manage a wedding is not an easy task and there are so many things to do in a wedding ceremony. So if you want to think to hire a wedding planner then I think it's a good idea as by this you can get relax from some departments like photography, design and videography with others.

Hire an Event Planner?

Planning an event can be a stressful time with many details to organize. The easiset way to avoid frustration during event planning is to hire an event planner.

How much does it cost to hire wedding car?

Four Pounds

What are the best designer wedding gowns?

A wedding day is an important day as it signals to yourself, friends and family a new chapter in your life. The dress can be its focal point. Retailers such as David's Bridal have wedding dresses available or those of the means will hire a privet designer to make a custom dress for them.

What percentage of people use wedding planners?

1/3 of all brides in the us hire a wedding planner