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At what temperature does alcohol boil?

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There are many types of alcohol, each with their own boiling points. Butyl, Ethyl, and Isopropyl are a few examples. Once you know what type of alcohol then the answer can easily be found.

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Liquids that boil a lower temperature than water?


Can you boil rubbing alcohol?

Yes, rubbing alcohol boil.

What if you boil alcohol and water?

if they are mixed together the water will boil off into steam before the alcohol as alcohol has a higher boiling point

Can you boil the water at room temperature?

yes,at room temperature by decreasing the pressure we can boil the water.

How perfume boil when is mixed with alcohol?

Perfume boil at his specific boiling point.

What temperature does honey usually boil at?

Honey doesn't boil.

Is it safe to boil alcohol?

Not with an open flame. Alcohol vapors are highly combustible

What happens when you boil alcohol?

You receive a anteater

When alcohol and mercury boil what do they change to?


What will boil first water or alcohol?

Alcohol. Water boils at 100oc while alcohol boils at 50oc.

What degree Fahrenheit does alcohol boil at?

Ethyl alcohol boils at 172.4, methyl alcohol boils at 151.

What temperature does cadmium boil?

Cadmium boil ad 767 0C.

What estimation of the volume of liquid boiling below 85 celsius with and without column in the distillation curves?

Alcohol will boil at 85 degrees Celsius. Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius. These things always boil at the same temperature, and will continue to boil as long as liquid remains.

Can gas boil?

Yes, gas surely can boil. It can boil because it is a liquid. Most liquids can boil if heated to the its boiling temperature.

What happens to alcohol after its boiled?

Alcohol has a lower boiling point than water. Naturally the alcohol evaporates leaving the flavanoids and the water. If you boil 100 % alcohol, then it would act like plain water. It will boil until it all evaporates.

Does rubbing alcohol or water boil faster?

rubbing alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, boils faster at 82.3 C.

What temperature ethanol will boil at 50kPa?

The temperature is 60,3 oC.

What temperature does sea water boil at?

sea water boil at 105 c

Does rock boil?

If heated to a high enough temperature yes, rock will boil.

How can you heat rubbing alcohol?

Boil it like water

At which temperature does water boil?


What temperature does chocolate boil at?


Why do liquids boil?

There are quite a few reasons why liquids boil. The most obvious reason why liquids boil is the warm temperature.

How can you boil water at a temperature lower than 100 celsiuse?

Place the container of water in a vacuum & it should start to boil at room temperature.

How hot does water get on electric stove top?

Maximum temperature of water is the boil temperature. But the boil temperature depends on atmospheric pressure and on salt content of the water. The more atmospheric pressure the more temperature. Boil temperature in mountain can be 60 centigrade. At normal (not high) land it usually 100 centigrade. But, as I said, temperature also depends on salt content (amount of salt) in the water. The more salt the less boil temperature. This way to take high grade boil when you cooking put the salt in to the water at the last moment of cooking.

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