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Density of water

The density of water is greatest at about four degrees C (39.2° F or 277degrees Kelvin) which is a density of 1.000 kg per liter (62.4 pounds per cubic foot). Liquids expand slightly as their temperature is raised, but liquid water is denser than solid water (ice). That is why ice floats: it is less dense than liquid water. That is due to the crystal structure of ice. When water freezes, its volume increases about nine percent.

277 K.
Density rho = mass m / Volume V.

Water has a density of 1,000 kg/m3 = 1,000 g/L = 1.000 kg/dm3 = 1.000 kg/L = 1.000 g/cm3 = 1.000 g/mL at the temperature of 3.98 degrees Celsius.

Temperature in degrees Celsius

and the density of water:

1 ................. 999,90

2 ................. 999,94

3 ................. 999,96

4 ................. 999,97

5 ................. 999,96

6 ................. 999,94

7 ................. 999,90

The highest density is only at around 4 degreesCelsius.


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it is 277 K

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Q: At what temperature is the density of water the greatest?
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When is water's density at its greatest?

The maximum density of water occurs at a temperature of 4°C

The density of water is the greastest at a temperature of?

At 4oC is the greatest density of water: 0.999 kg/L

The density of water is the greatest at what temperature?

At 40 Celsius.

At what temperature is the density of water greatest?

4 degrees Celsius

At approximately what temperature does water have its greatest density?

20 degrees

The density of water is greatest at?

The density of water is greatest at 4 oC.

What type of seawater has the greatest density?

Sea water with the most salinity, the lowest temperature, and the highest pressure has the greatest density.

The density of water is the greatest at a temperature of in Kelvin?

The maximal density of water (0,999 972 g/cm3) is at 4 0C or 39 0F or 277,15 K.

Is the density of water greatest at a temperature of 277 Kelvin?

The maximal density of water (0,999 972 g/cm3) is at 4 0C or 39 0F or 277,15 K.

What has a effect on water density?

Density of a liquid is indirectly proportional to the temperature. When the temperature raises, the density of the liquid decreases. Therefor the temperature has an effect on water density.

How do salinity and temperature affect the density of water?

As salinity and temperature rise, water density increases.

How do salinity and temperature effect water density?

Increased salinity and temperature result in an increase in water density.

What is density out of water carbon dioxide and steel which has greater density?

Steel has the greatest density of the three.

What will have the greatest effect on how much a bar of soap will erode after a water fosit has poured onto it after a period of time Temperature of the water water force or density of the bar of soap?

In this order: Time, Flow, Temperature.

The temperature at which water possesses maxium density is?

There is a temperature for MAXIMUM density: to be 4oC !

Is hot water denser than room temperature water?

Density: Mass/volume , so it is obious that density will changed with increase in temperature as volume is proportionaly changes with temperature so density will be decreases with increase in temperature. From this stand point we can say hot water has lower density then the water which is kept in room temperature. In 4'C water has higher density than other temperatures.

Why is solid water less dense than liquid water?

Solid water, or ice, has less density than liquid water because of water's unique crystalline formation when frozen. Water's greatest density is at the low end of its temperature range as a liquid.

How is density of water related to temperature?

The density of water increase from 100 oC to 4 oC (here is a maximum); after this temperature the density decrease.

How does pressure effect the density of water?

Water density changes with temperature and pressure.

What does the density of water depend on?

The density of water depends on temperature, pressure and purity.

Water has the greatest density at?

As a volume of air expands due to heating, the density of this air will

If you have a half dollar and pencil and some water which of these have the greatest density?

The half dollar has the greatest density because it will sink, the water has more density than the pencil because the pencil will float.

What density does an object have to have to sink in water?

A density greater than that of water (which varies with temperature).

What happens to density as temperature increases?

As temperature increases in fluids, density decreases, besides the substance water which has its highest density at its liquid form( ice floats on water).

What two things affect the density of water?

The temperature and the salinity affect water's density.

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Why is the density of water a maximum at 4 C?

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