Auburn Park or Gresham history

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Here are some bits of information that you may find helpful:

According to the book �Chicago Sun Times: Metro Chicago Almanac�, regarding the community �Auburn Gresham�, �The former communities in this area were called Auburn (platted in 1872) and Gresham (platted as South Englewood in the 1870s)�.

The book Old Chicago Houses by John Drury (published in 1941, second impression 1975), which should be available in Chicago and suburban libraries, has a few interesting pages relating to Auburn Park and Englewood. There is also the brief mention of an Englewood Historical Society.

Also interesting to note, according to the book �Historic City: The Settlement of Chicago� published by the City of Chicago (1976), regarding the black community, page 86: �the black community that lived in Englewood since 1870, when Englewood was an important railroad center.�

Sorry that I could not find specific references to the German community, but if you had had a question regarding the �Nord" Side Germans, I may be more helpful.

Although there is no one history of the Auburn Gresham area there are numerous sources of information about the history of the area, the geology, and early roads and buildings. The "German settlement" shown in the area on maps around 1850 was actually entirely Dutch. Another settlement , along Hubbards trace (Holland Road) was predominately swedish. It does appear that about half of the settllers in the 1880 census that included Auburn Gresham listed Germany or Prussia as their country of origin. There is a great deal of information about the area there is no one source.

Auburn Gresham in the 1950s was very Irish. St. Sabina used to be the home parish for the South Side Irish Parade.

People in these neighborhoods often identified themselves by which parish they were from. Others in this neighborhood were St. Killian, Little Flower, and St. Ethelreda.

In the 1950's and 1960's the streets, parks, and schools were often bursting at the seams. Many of the (largely) Catholic families had more than an average number of children.

Gresham has some of the nicest houses in Chicago. Hopefully the neighborhood will return to glory.

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Q: Auburn Park or Gresham history
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