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Q: Australia and New Zealand are part of what geographic region?
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What geographic region is Australia a part of?

Oceania. ~

Australia and New Zealand are part of what region?

oceania / australasia

New Zealand is a country in which continent?

New Zealand is not a part of any continent. It lies closest to the continent of Australia, and is part of the region of Oceania.

What is the name of the region that includes Australia New Zealand and pacific islands?

Pacifica, while Australia is part of Australasia.

Is New Zealand a part of the Australian continent?

No New Zealand is not part of the Australian continent. New Zealand is geographically and physically distant from Australia and is not on a continent. In geographic terms it is an isolated nation and island group.

What continent was New Zealand part of?

Many people believe New Zealand is part of Australia. But New Zealand is not on the same continental shelf and so is not part of the continent of Australia Instead it is part of the submerged continent Zealandia and the wider region known as Oceania (which is also not a continent).

Is Australasia part of the region of Oceania?

Yes, it is. It includes the countries of Australia and New Zealand. These are all part of Oceania and of the Pacific.

Which part of the world is New Zealand found in?

The region has a few names: Oceania, South Pacific region, or Australasia. New Zealand is located 1,000 miles southeast of Australia.

What is the geographic region that kangaroos live in?

Kangaroos are found in the geographic region known as Oceania. The continent of Australia makes up most of this geographic region, and it is the place to which almost all species of kangaroo are native. Tree kangaroos are also native to the island of New Guinea, which makes up the next largest part of the geographic region of Oceania.

Is New Zealand apart of Australia?

No, New Zealand is not a part of Australia. I know this because New Zealand wouldn't have a capital if it were part of Australia. though, New Zealand is part of Oceania, which, includes Australia, and many other islands far and near between them. New Zealand and Australia are different countries and are separated by the Tasman Sea.

Is Czech Republic part of a geographic region?

NO! it is not. :P

Is New Zealand part of Australia the continent?

No. New Zealand and Australia are separated by the Tasman Sea. New Zealand is sometimes referred to as part of Australasia, or Oceania, neither of which are continents, but are geographic or regional groups of countries. It is on the tectonic or continental plate of Zealandia, which is mostly under the ocean. New Zealand is an independent country with its own history and culture. At no time in history has New Zealand ever been a part of Australia, even though New South Wales laws and jurisdiction applied to New Zealand briefly in 1840 when Britain annexed New Zealand.

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