Average cost of gas for you car each month lets say on a national standard?

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Lets say that you use about 2 gal. per day. That would be about 60 gal. per month. At $1.89 per gal. it would cost about $113.40 per month.
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What is the average cost to operate a car in Burlington Vermont including gas maintenance and insurance?

Now come on. That would depend on the car, average miles driven, driving record, how you drive, time of year, etc, etc. A Toyota Pirus would cost way less than a Cadillac Esca

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Carbon Dioxide, a mixture of the elements carbon and oxygen, mixed creates a harmful compound to our enviorment.. Nitrous oxides, water vapor, carbon monoxide, unburned hydro
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it depends... on what gas mileage... how much you drive per a day... but if you want to use less money on your car, i recommend hyundai, honda, kia, or toyota because they don
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