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write a programto enter five numbers through keyboard and find

average of then using array.

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Q: Average of 3 numbers using array?
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How do you make 9 boxes with numbers 1-9 add up to 12 in all directions?

If the boxes are in a 3*3 array, the answer is that you cannot.If the boxes are in a 3*3 array, the answer is that you cannot.If the boxes are in a 3*3 array, the answer is that you cannot.If the boxes are in a 3*3 array, the answer is that you cannot.

How do you Write a program using c plus plus to sort 3 numbers in increasing order?

Store the values in an array and perform an insertion sort.

How do you access 2D array elements by using single variable?

int main() { int array[3][3]; int i; for(i=0; i <9;i++) { printf("the element is %d\n", array[i/3][i%3]); } return 0; }

What is the difference between array to pointer and pointer to an array?

There is no such thing as an "array to pointer." What you might be asking is "array of pointers." An array of pointers is just that, an array in which the variables are pointers. In C this would be an array of pointer variables that are each 4 bytes in size. It is declared like this: int *pointers[3]; A pointer to an array is a pointer that points to the whole array. For example, in C if you have int numbers[5][10]; int (*pointerToArray)[10] = numbers + 2; pointerToArray points to the third element of numbers, which is itself an array.

What are the dimensions of an array of 3x6?

The dimensions are 3 x 6. Also, since there are two numbers, you might say it is a 2-dimensional array.

What is single dimensional array in c plus plus?

A one dimensional array is an array of objects that goes in one "direction". Any array with only one [] is a one dimensional array. For example: int numbers[6]; is a one dimensional array. int numbers[6][3]; is a two dimensional array.Graphical terms:One dimensional array[4]:14 - 75 - 8164 - 234Two dimensional array[2][3]:47 - 178108 - 8517 - 128It didn't come out quite how I wanted it...

If The average of 5 numbers is 6 and the average of 3 numbers is 4 find out the average of remaining two numbers?


How do you average a math question?

To get the simple average of a series of numbers, you add the numbers up and divide by however many numbers there were. For example, the average of 2, 3 and 4 is the sum of the numbers (which adds up to 9) divided by 3 (because there are three numbers). So the average is 9/3 = 3.

How do you write a description of an array using the product of 3 x 15?

product of 3 x 15

Can the average of 3 numbers be one of those 3 numbers?

Yes. For example, the average of the numbers 1, 2, and 3 is 2. 1+2+3=6 6/3=2

What is the average of 3 3.5 and 6?

The average of several numbers is the sum of the numbers divided by the quantity of the numbers. (3 + 3.5 + 6) ÷ 3 = 4 1/6

Finding the average the 3 numbers?

Add the 3 numbers together and divide that answer by 3. Example: The average of 2, 4, and 9. Average = (2+4+9)/3 = 15/3 =5.

Average of two numbers is 9 If the third numbers is 12 than what is the average of this three numbers?

It average of 2 numbers is 9 then take 9 away from 12, so average of 3 numbers is now 9, with 3 'left over.' The 3 which is 'left over' divides among the three numbers by adding 1 to each of them, raising the new average to 10.

What is the definition of mean mathamatically?

Mean is the average of a set of numbers. First you add all the numbers together, then you divide the answer of that by the amount of numbers you added. example: while using the numbers 1,2,3 1+2+3= 6 then you take 3 and divide it by 6

If the sum of 3 numbers is 144 what is the average of these three numbers?


What is an array of factors?

An array of factors is a rectangular visual using the factors of a number. An example would be the number 12. The factors are 3X4, 1X12, and 6X2. Making an array would be taking these numbers and drawing a picture of squares with width of 6 and height of 2. Or width of 3 and height of 4. Same with width of 12 and length of 1.

What is array variable?

An array is an indexed list of multiple variables of the same type. An array can be of any type and length.For example, int a[4]; creates an array of 4 integer elements namely a[0], a[1], a[2] and a[3]. Here a is the name of the array and the subscript (numbers written in []) is called index.

What is integer type array?

An array can be thought of as a series of boxes, or containers.An integer is a whole number (0, 5, 12, -3, etc).Therefore, an integer type array is an array that stores items that are all of the data type "integer".Depending on the language, you might create and populate an integer array with the following:x = [0, 3, 9, -2, 1];This would create an array 'x' filled with the numbers 0, 3, 9 -2 and 1.

What is the algorithm for average of three numbers?

Algorithm for average of 3 numbers:Sum the 3 numbers.Divide the sum by 3.

What is the average of the first 3 coposite numbers?

First 3 composite numbers: 4+6+8 = 18 and 18/3 = 6 which is the average number

Using group of numbers to find the average?

you take the group of numbers, add them ALL up, then you divide it by the number of numbers. example:1) Find the average:3, 7, 5, 9, 8.22) 3+7+5+9+8.2= 32.23) 32.2 divided by 5 (because there are five numbers)4) the answer is 6.44

How do you find the average of 3 set of numbers in a year?

Add all the numbers together. Then divide by how many numbers there were originally. That is the average.

How can you differentiate a lower level array from the higher level array?

Lower level array: 1. Lower level array could be a single dimensional array . 2. It is easy to work with the lower level array . 3. By using lower level array , works get easier. 4. if user try for dry run , he/she can do it without any complication. Higher level array: 1. Higher level array could be a double dimensional array , three dimensional array or nth dimensional array. 2. It's quite complicated to work with higher dimensional arrays. 3. By using higher level array , works get much more easier as compared to lower level array. 4. if user try for dry run , he/she may/maynot do it because there is lot of complications in it.

What is the average of 22 18 16?

Use the definition of "average". Add the numbers together, then divide the result by 3 (since there are 3 numbers).

How can you get 24 by using only the numbers 2 3 3 6?

By using: (3*6)+(3*2) = 24