Georgia (US State)

Average temperature in Georgia?

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The average temperature for that region in January and July being 39 °F (4 °C) and 78 °F (26 °C).Many summer days in Georgia have been known to exceed 90 °F (32 °C).

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What is the average annual temperature of Georgia?

the average temperature in gorgia is

Average temperature in Georgia in September?

So, unless I sign in, or register or whatever....I cannot find out what the average temperature in Georgia in September usually is. Thanks

What is the average yearly temperature for Georgia?

average high is 71.2 average low is 51.3

What is the average summer temperature of Georgia?

It is approximately 16oC

What is the average temperature for Atlanta Georgia in fall?


What is Georgia average summer and winter temperature?


What is the average temperature in January for Georgia?

it is about 30 degrees

What is the average spring temperature in trenton georgia?


What is the average temp in Georgia in winter?

The average temperature in Georgia for winter is Mid 30's to Mid 50's.

What is the average temperature in the state of Georgia?

The average temperature in the state of Georgia varies from a high of 51 degrees in January, to a high of 88 in July. The average low in January is 34, and the average low in July is 70 degrees.

What is the average monthly temperatures for Atlanta Georgia?

123 temperature

What was the average temperature of the Georgia colony?

About 75-95 degrees

What is the average high temperature of march in Georgia?

Average high is 65F in March. Average low is 44F

What is the average winter temperature in Georgia?

it is 31 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter

What is the average high temperature in Georgia?

I don't know, that's why I asked the enternet.

What is the monthly average temperature in Georgia?

The average temperature changes regurlarly.If many people are horny in the area, the average temperature rise, as does the humidity. The expression being hot for smeone is actually a true expression, so when the number of hot people rises, the temperature rises also.

What is the average temperature for a swamp?

The average temperature is here. The average temperature is here.

What is the average monthly temperature in Washington D.C.?

Average Monthly Temperatures in Washington, DCJanuaryAverage high temperature: 43Average low temperature: 24Rainfall: 3.57FebruaryAverage high temperature: 47Average low temperature: 26Rainfall: 2.84MarchAverage high temperature: 55Average low temperature: 33Rainfall: 3.92AprilAverage high temperature: 66Average low temperature: 42Rainfall: 3.26MayAverage high temperature: 76Average low temperature: 52Rainfall: 4.29JuneAverage high temperature: 84Average low temperature: 62Rainfall: 3.63JulyAverage high temperature: 89Average low temperature: 67Rainfall: 4.21AugustAverage high temperature: 87Average low temperature: 65Rainfall: 3.9SeptemberAverage high temperature: 80Average low temperature: 57Rainfall: 4.08OctoberAverage high temperature: 69Average low temperature: 44Rainfall: 3.43NovemberAverage high temperature: 58Average low temperature: 36Rainfall: 3.32DecemberAverage high temperature: 48Average low temperature: 28Rainfall: 3.25

Which is warmer the average room temperature or the average temperature in Britain?

Average room temperature.

What is the average yearly precipitation in Georgia?

In the State of Georgia, the average precipitation is 50.74" / year.

What is the average height of men in Georgia?

The average height of men in georgia is 181 cm.

What is the temperature in Florida around?

The temperature of Florida is around that of Georgia.

What is the average temperature in Ontario?

The average temperature is

What is the average temperature in Orlando in January?

Average high temperature: 72 Average low temperature: 50

How is the temperature in Georgia?

mild it is sun :)

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