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Axel what does it mean?

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Axel? Do you mean Axew? No, it isn't.

Axel comes from the German name meaning "Source of all life".

What I you mean is he dead no he is alive or in your way Guns and roses by axel alive

You mean like for an acrostic poem? Axel.

Axel Lieber has written: 'Axel Lieber'

Axel Hedfors's birth name is Axel Hedfors.

Axel Coon's birth name is Axel Broszeit.

Axel Kuschevatzky's birth name is Axel Vladimir Kuschevatzky.

Axel Axgil's birth name is Axel Lundahl-Madsen.

Axel Bergman's birth name is Axel Leonard Bergman.

Axel Pless's birth name is Axel William Pless.

Axel Springer's birth name is Axel Csar Springer.

Axel Uriegas's birth name is Axel Uriegas Duarte.

Axel Vera's birth name is Axel Lott Vera.

Axel Jepsen's birth name is Axel Jrgen Jepsen.

Axel Kielland's birth name is Axel Zetlitz Kielland.

Axel Zuber's birth name is Axel Andr Zuber.

Axel Munthe's birth name is Munthe, Axel Martin Fredrik.

Axel Magnus Carlsson has written: 'Erik Axel Karlfeldt'

Axel Ringvall's birth name is Axel Wilhelm Leopold Ringvall.

Axel Eggebrecht's birth name is Axel Constantin August Eggebrecht.

Axel Heckscher's birth name is Axel Ragnar Eliel Heckscher.

Did you mean Axel Blaze from the anime series "Inazuma Eleven"who is voiced by Maxime Donnay . If not - then we need more information such as the name of the series .

Assuming you mean "axle", an axle supports the wheel and allows the wheel to rotate.

NO.... Axel is Reno's nobody y'all!

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