Birth Rate

Babies per year?

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The number of people that drown per year are 76 babies per year.

460,000 babies are born per, take 460,000 and multiply it by 365 (because that is how many days in a year)460,000 X 365 = 167, 900, 000 babies born PER YEAR

one thousand babies per year and one hundered fifty per month

usually have one joey (baby kangaroo) per year

Female squirrels have one litter per year and usually have 9 babies. That is all I know on that one. JKams Female squirrels can have 2 litters per year with 1-4 babies per litter.

its true that woman can have 30 babies per year.

They have 1 baby per year

According to UNICEF, there are approximately 16 million babies born every year in China. There are 525,600 minutes per year, which means there 30 babies born per minute.

Ground squirrels have one litter per year that usually have nine babies.

A zebra often will have only one foal per year, rarely two per year.

It depends on the type of Mammal. A human will usually have one or sometimes two babies per year but they can also have more than that. Mammals like mice and guinea pigs can have lots and lots of babies.

According to UNICEF, there are approximately 16 million babies born every year in China. Since there are 365 days per year, this means there are approximately 43,835 babies bore per day.

the African leopards can have about 1 or 2 babies per 2 years

Assuming about 365 days per year, that would be 11/365.

There are around 353,015 births per day in the Philippines. This means that in a year there will be about 128,850,475 babies born in the Philippines.

Raccoon litters average 2-5 young, occasionally more.

1 million dads have babies when there older than 52

a sea otter can have 1 baby per year.

It gets 5000 babies per year

According to the CIA's estimate for 2016, the worldwide birth rate is 258 babies per minute which would be an approximate average (figuring a 366-day leap year) of 11,331,360 babies born per month.

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