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HI, I've looked at this thing all which ways and the only thing I can come up with is an occurance at the same time. The back up light switch either went bad or a logical solution or a wire came off or has been broken. If one of those things has happened then your backup lights will fail. To check the switch you only need to remove the shift console and rear console to get to the switch. I don't see any way that the loss of backup lights wil cause the "Check Engine Light" to come on unless by losing a ground it will cause the circut to see a fault but I can't find a connection. I hope if someone ses a way or knows more, I surte hope they'll chime in. Good luck. Steve H.


97, tracker (sport?)

the switch is on the tranny side casing called PRN switch. and is NOT in the console.

and is not related to the ECU CEL lamp at all.

unless you blow a fuse. which you didnt.

the back up lamps simply wire to the PRN tranny switch (AT only ,you didnt say tranny type , and there are 3)

and this switch has power from the ignition,

the switch closes and 12vdc is feed to the back up lamps. they then glow.

the wire can be open or grounded out, and many trailer wirings schemes go wrong.

the wire can be cut at the tranny or inside the left rear tail light housing.

this cavity has the trailer conn. look for hack jobs here.

if tranny switch closes and you get power to the wire then the switch is good and it is very expensive.

use a test light or cheap voltmeter. to find the problem.

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