Native American History

Background of the people from the southwest?

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What did southwest people eat?

Southwest people eat chicken ! if they black !

Where do the majority of people in Southwest Asia live?

Southwest Asia

Why is slavery a bad in southwest Asia?

because most people in southwest Asia are abolitionists.

Who were pueblos people of the southwest?

not tellin

how did the people in the Southwest adapted to their environments 3 ways?

dry farming

How many people in Australia background?

Read your question? ''How many people in Australia background?'' This question makes absolutely no sense. In background of what?

Desert Southwest Region Indians tools and utensils?

why does the people in the southwest desert be so mean

Where do most of the people in southwest asia live?

Most of the population in Southwest Asia is located where there is water.

What food do southwest people eat?


Why are more and more people moving to the southwest?

More and more people are moving to the southwest for various reasons including lower taxes and warmer weather.

How many people failed background checks?

1.7 million people failed background checks worldwide

What do people in the southwest do for intertainment?

same things people do in the rest of the u.s.

What are background performers in a movie called?

People in the background are called Extras.

What type of dwelling was common among the people of the southwest?

The type of dwellings that were common among the people of the southwest were sun-dried mud brick called adobe.

what might the people of the Southwest have used the giant, flat topped mounds of earth for?

I have no idea

What do the people of the Southwest raised?

The people of the Southwest raised a variety cattle. They raised one of the world's best heads. They were known for their excellent beef around the world.

What do the people of the Southwest tribe wear?

what did the southwest tribes wear

What is Southwest Asia's writing system?

systems of writing were developed about 5000 years ago by people in southwest asia and

Where do most people go when on a southwest vacation?

Southwest of the United states is very diverse and offers a great variety of vacation spots. One of the best places for people to go while on a Southwest cation is the Grand Canyon for people looking for natural beauty and another is Las Vegas for people looking for entertainment.

Who are some famous people from the Southwest?

Some famous people from the southwest are Geronimo, Lynda Carter, Cesar Chavez, and Stevie Nicks. Also from the southwest are Helen Jacobs, Stewart Udall, Garth Brooks, Vince Gill, and Barry Goldwater.

Who were the first southwest people to make pottery?

The Indians

What did desert southwest people hunt?

They hunt Deer

The Anasazi people established a farming society in?

the southwest.

Did the southwest people live in tepees?

cause it was cool

What people brought agave and amaranth to the southwest?