Bad radiator cap

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A bad radiator cap needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Fluid can leak out causing the car to overheat. Constant overheating can lead to expensive repairs. The average radiator cap costs less than $10.00, so it's worth the investment.

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Q: Bad radiator cap
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Why is my radiator cap not working?

Bad seal Bad spring Bad neck on radiator

When the car is running it pumps the coolant out of the overflow tank. It is a 1998 Cadillac Deville 4.6L engine. Do I have a bad radiator cap What are the symptoms of a bad radiator cap.?

your radiator clogged up.cheaper to get a new radiator. nothing to do with the radiator cap.

What are symptoms of Faulty radiator cap?

Overheating due to coolant going to the reservoir and not coming back to the radiator because of the bad cap.

Why does a 1996 firebird formula z28 get hot?

Bad thermostat, fans not working or coming on when they are supposed to, bad waterpump, bad radiator or radiator cap.

How can you tell if you have a bad radiator cap?

Usually the rubber will be hard and cracking

Why coolant keeps leaking from the overflow?

You may have a bad radiator cap.

Why is my 92 Buick skylarkoverheating?

Low coolant? Radiator dirty or plugged? Bad thermostat? Bad water pump? Cooling fans not working? Bad radiator cap?

Why is Yamaha banshee overheating and leaking fluid from overflow?

bad radiator cap

Why does 1999 intrigue overheat?

Bad thermostat, cap and radiator is a common cause.

Is the recovery tank cap the same as the radiator cap or does the radiator have a separate cap underneath the housing?

If you have a threaded cap on your coolant reservoir that is your " radiator cap "

1999 ford expedition radiator cap?

The radiator cap is on top of the radiator.

Does 98 ford contour have a radiator cap on radiator?

No , the " radiator " cap / pressure cap is the thread on cap on the engine coolant reservoir

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