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Bagaimanakah contoh teks explanation?


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August 26, 2009 1:02PM

Teks explanation adalah teks yang menjelaskan proses dari fenomena alam, sosial budaya, atau topik ilmiah dan berbagai macam topik lainnya yang melalui sebuah proses. Struktur teks explanation, yaitu: 1. Penjelasan secara umum 2. Penjelasan proses 3. Penutup Contoh teks explanation: The Process of Rain Water in the earth is kept in many places like the ocean, the ocean, the river and the lake. But don't be wrong, the plants leaves and the land also kept water. Each day, this water will evaporate with help of the sun. The process where water evaporates from plants is called transpiration. Afterwards the vapour will experience the process of condensation where the vapour will condense and turn into a cloud. The form of the cloud always changes according to weather conditions. The clouds will move to different locations with the help of wind that bellows vertically or horizontally. The movement of the vertical wind results in the cloud forming big 'lumps'. After that, the wind increases the size of the cloud and each cloud will overlap. Finally the cloud will reach the atmosphere that has a lower temperature. Here the particles of water and ice is formed. Eventually, the wind can not support the weight of the cloud and so the cloud that is full with water will experience a process called precipitation or the process where rain or hail falls to earth.