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Bank 1 sensor 2 were is location of oxygen sensor on 1996 grand am 4 cylinder?


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That would be the sensor after the catalytic convertor.


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on the exhaust pipe between driver and passenger!

Under the front of the pasenger side cylinder head.

after exhaust manifold, before catalytic converter.

On a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee bank two is the passenger side. Sensor two is screwed into the exhaust pipe behind the catalytic converter.

The oxygen sensor screws into the front exhaust manifold. Look straight down and you'll see it. It looks like a spark plug with a thin wire trailing from it.

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In the 1989 Grand Prix, the oxygen sensor is in the tail pipe. Look for a wire that is plugged into both the tail pipe and the undercarriage of the vehicle.

The 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix oxygen sensor is located on the outside of the air filter housing. You will find the sensor on the back side of the air filter housing.

The oxygen sensor on a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am is found near the catalytic converter. It will be place on the piping which leads to the catalytic converter.

If it is anything like the '96 Grand Am, it is located under a cover between the engine and firewall. The cover has 3 bolts in it. Remove the bolts and the cover and you will find the O2 sensor (front - the other is just after the catalytic converter.) You will need a 7/8" wrench to remove the part.

The 3.1 oxygen sensor is on the manifold at the rear of the motor next to the firewall. While it is usually not hard to find, it is sometimes hard to get to on the Sunbird and Grand Am due to the compact engine department. BE SURE NOT TO ATTEMPT THIS WHILE THE ENGINE IS HOT!

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The 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis came equipped with the 4. 6L V8. Oxygen (O2) sensor locations are upstream and downstream (before and after the catalytic converters).

Bank 1 is usually the bank that #1 cylinder is on (sometimes the driver side while bank 2 is the passenger side) and sensor 1 is before the cat converter while sensor 2 is after the converter.

In the exhaust pipe, near the engine.

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. The Oxygen sensor senses amounts of oxygen in the exuast to adjust the fuel mixture acordingly.

4.0L, on the top of the shaft on the passenger side center of the engine. 4.7L, under the passenger side front cylinder head.

if its the v6 there are two but the 4 cylinder has just one on the back side of the motor that plugs into the exhaust manifold the wires run up behind the alternator

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