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Q: Barn swallows and house Martins
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How do the British tell martins from swallows?


Do barn swallows hibernat?


Where does a barn swallows migrate?


What birds eat yellow jackets?

There are several different kinds of birds that will eat yellow jackets. Some of these include barn swallows, bats, humming birds, and purple martins.

What type of bird makes there nest out of mud?

Swallows and Martins

Where would you find a swallows nest?

In a Barn.

What eats barn swallows?

cows and dogs

What type of bird has a forked tail?

Swallows and martins and many others.

How fast can a barn swallows fly?

50 mph

Do Barn Swallows molt?

All birds molt.

What kills many barn swallows?

collapsing barns

What do barn swallows eat?

Barn Swallows eat mostly flying insects. They generally eat larger insects instead of eating swarms of smaller prey.

How many eggs do barn swallows lay at once?

Barn swallows lay 3-7 eggs per brood. The have 1 or 2 broods per year.

How many eggs do Barn Swallows lay?

I do not know speicifics for Barn Swallows, but typically birds lay anywhere between 1 and 5 eggs per breeding season.

What is the scientific name for a barn swallow?

The scientific name for a Barn Swallow is "Hirundo rustica". They are a species of swallows.

Birds that visit us in summer?

Such migratory birds are commonly know as summer visitors. In Britain, swallows, swifts, and house martins are just three examples.

What kind of birds are swallows exactly?

The Swallow is a passerine bird known for their adaption to aerial feeding. They belong in the family Hirundinidae along with martins. Various species of swallows and martins exists globally and their diet is primarily insects.

What is gestation period for barnswallows?

Barn swallows lay eggs. They do not gestate.

Are barn swallows endangered spices?

No, the barn swallow, Hirundo Rustica, is a very common species, in no way endangered.

Barn swallows predators?

Owls are predators no animal eats owls . But barn owls do swallow their prey whole.

How do you discourage swallows from nesting The barn swallows keep trying to nest in my entry way?

paint the ceiling sky blue

Do mud swallows build nest at night?

Mud swallows build nests both during the day and night. Barn swallows are also known to do the same thing.

How many babys do barn swallows have each year?

About 4 per nest.

How long do swallows live?

Swallows usually live about three to four years. There is a record of a barn swallow that lived to be eight years old.

Do barn swallows migrate?

I know some do, but I don't know if that applies to all species.