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The engines are over built and under powered. THey will last "forever". ITs a matter of good maintenance and they will last nearly for ever. Many believe Mercedes timing chains to be indestructable. If you bank on that however you may be out a car. They MAY be good... but the Mercedes is an interference engine and a broken chain is the end of your car.

Answerkeeping fluids changed and rptine mant. you cam reach 300,000 easy, was a 300d taxi that went over 2 million miles i believe
2011-09-12 15:51:02
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Q: Based on general Mercedes performance how many more miles do you think a 1981 Mercedes convertible in excellent condition with 112 thousand miles on it already will go for?
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Is it true that Mercedes makes a convertible?

Mercedes makes a very good convertible. A lot of people I know have this car, plus I have researched it recently. It seems to have a good MPG, plus it's a fun car to be in. Anyways, Mercedes-Benz usually makes good cars, so this shouldn't be an exception.

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Febi-Bilstein P/N 02615

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the only one who can tell you is a Mercedes dealer