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Could be a lot of things. Any car requires 4 things to run fuel, air, a spark at the plugs and to be in time. Without more information, there is no way to point to something specific.

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โˆ™ 2010-04-21 16:44:58
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Q: Battery is good but car won't start?
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If the Starter is good battery good car still wont start?

mabe the starter solenoid

Why a 2000 chrysler sebring wont start but clicks?

Jump start car and ensure battery and alternator are good.

How do you know when to change your car battery?

Your car wont start. lol

I have a Chevy c10 1975 that wont start but the battery works?

There are a number of reasons any car will not start with a good battery. There may be a wiring issue for example.

New battery and car wont start?

you probably have a problem with the battery cables

Have a 1991 Buick le Sabre that wont start although you have a good battery car started was able to drive it then all of a sudden died and wont start?

No, I don't.

Why wont my Rover 420 diesel start this morning has a clicking sound?

Jump start car and ensure alternator and battery are good.

How do you know if the battery died in your car?

your car will not start, lights wont turn on, ect

Why wont my car start when it is cold?

Saturns don't like the cold. Keep your battery in good condition and try to garage it.

Car clicks when trying to start but wont start?

Check the battery cables. If there is no corrosion and you have good connections, then the starter solenoid/relay may be at fault.

Your car wont start just makes a clicking sound?

That could be the alternator or the battery. Try jump starting your car with another car's battery. If it still does not start, it is probably the alternator. If it starts, your battery is dead.

Car wont start dimming lights?

It could be because its running out of battery

Why is my Vr6 dash clock dead and the car wont start?

Dead battery ?

Does the battery on the remote need to be good for car to start?

If you are using it to turn on the car a good battery would help.

Car wont start wont even turn over the lights are on so its not the battery?

try testing the starter

Car was running fine turned it off and now it wont start the starter tested good and the battery is good turn the key and nothing at all happens no noise whatsoever?

Make sure the Car is in PARK, if it is in gear like Drive or Reverse, the Car won't start even if the battery and starter are fine.

Honda crx wont start?

these might be your problems: BATTERY IS DEAD CORROTED BATTERY TERMINALS STARTER IS NO GOOD ALTERNATOR IS NOT CHARGING those are the only things that have to do with the car not starting

Red battery light on Orange engine sign lit up car wont start?

probably your battery

Car not used for three weeks will battery start the car?

if the battery is good and charged sure

Trying to start the car with the bad battery before starting the car with the good battery can help avoid which problem?

you can avoid draining the good battery

What would cause your 2004 jetta not to start without a jump then when you stop the car it wont start again?

bad battery or loose battery cable

Can you jump start a car with a bad alternator?

you can but it wont stay running if the battery is dead

Why wont my car start when i have replaced the starter and the battery on a 1996 Monte Carlo 3.1L?

what does it do

Your car wont start after unhooking the battery what do you do?

Type your answer here... HOOK IT BACK UP!

Battery charged car wont attempt to start?

Fuel pump pressure problem.