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if your scooter has a turn key ignition there should be a clip with 4 prongs inside check to see if the prongs are bent. bend back any of the prongs and hook up the ignition. turn the key and see if it works. if this doesn't work try replacing the voltage regulator. i had the same problem on my apc style mini chopper and it works fine.

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How does a battery of a wheelchair work?

you opperate it by the controller on the electric battery you opperate it by the controller on the electric battery

What is a battery electric vehicle?

A battery electric vehicle is a type of electric vehicle which uses chemical energy stored in rechargeable battery packs

Why alternator will not charge battery on 2005 ford focus... New alternator new battery replaced already?

Voltage regulator or loose wire.

What is in an electric battery?

Depends entirely on the battery. A car battery is different than a flashlight battery, which is different from a cell phone battery.

What is the difference between a battery and a paperclip?

A battery has electricity in it already, with a paper clip, however, you need to get an electric shock going to make that become electric, because it is metal, but only for a split second.

Are the batteries in Worx electric cordless trimmers easily replaced by the consumer?

Yes the battery change can be done by the consumer using the WORX 18-volt replacement battery

What does it mean when the battery light comes on in a 2001 Honda Accord when you already replaced the alternator?

It means something is wrong with your charging system. Can be a loose of corroded battery cable, defective alternator or a battery with a dead short.

How do you reset computer on 1986 LeBaron after battery is replaced?

Disconnect battery cables from battery for 30 minutes and then reconnect battery it then resets.

Is a battery electric energy?

Yes, battery is a electrical source.

What is the function of a battery in a electric circuit?

a battery in an electric circuit is used to generate the power supply.

If we already replaced the battery alt and PCM on a 96 olds aurora why is the dash meter still saying 15.4 volts?

Check it right at the battery with a volt meter.

In what state was the electric battery invented?

The electric battery was invented in Maryland by a woman by the name of Alessandro Volta.

Why 92 Ford Festiva won't start but can jump it and it will start no problem as I have already replaced the battery and the alternator and battery light remains on after car is jump started?

It sounds like you have a break in the wire which connects your alternator to your battery, get it checked out.

Why do Saturn's have a clicking sound that is making the battery go died?

In my case I have a 1999 SL1 and the clicking sounds where the relays for the electric door locks. I removed them and I have not have the battery drained. I have not replaced them yet.

If a light bulb was replaced with a battery what would be the flow of energy?

exploding battery?

How do you replace battery in a garmin?

Where do I send my garmin c330 to have the battery replaced as it will not charge.Thanks.

What happening when auto battery test at 28 volts?

the battery on your meter has to be replaced.

Can the rechargeable battery be replaced?

No the battery is built in but should last a long time.

Does an electric guitar have a battery?


When did alessandro volta invent the electric battery?

Alessandro Volta, Italian physicist invented the Electric Battery in 1800.

What is the blue stuff leaking out of car battery?

Yuor battery is leaking fluids or gases. The battery likely needs replaced.

Is a 23A battery the same as a A23 battery?

Yes. I had a 23A, 12V, battery for my ceiling fan and replaced it with an A23, 12V, battery, and it worked just fine.

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Controlled corrosion of the metal electrodes inside the battery.

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You just replaced the battery in a 99 cirrus but the battery light stays on?

did you check the alternator??