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Bayungan dam in bohol?

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How many dioceses are there in Bohol?

There are two dioceses in the province of Bohol.

Chocolate hills bohol?

chocolate hills, bohol

Folk song from bohol with the composer?

what are the folk songs of bohol

When was University of Bohol created?

University of Bohol was created in 1946.

What is the area of Bohol?

The area of Bohol is 4,117.26 square kilometers.

Are there any Bohol hotels in Oregon?

I did a search on Bohol hotels and I would say no their are no Bohol hotels in Oregon . Bohol is a place in the Philippines. Oregon is a place in the US. Try searching for alternative hotels in Oregon.

What is Bohol Airport?

Actually, New Bohol Airport is currently on design stage. The exact name is New Bohol International Airport to be constructed in Panglao Island, Bohol. The target completion date is by 3rd quarter of 2016. Currently, Bohol has one airport called Tagbilaran Airport.

When was Rolando Bohol born?

Rolando Bohol was born on 1965-12-25.

When was Bohol Wisdom School created?

Bohol Wisdom School was created in 1928.

What is a Folk dance in Bohol?

tinikling - is Bohol folk dance or maybe one of them.

What is the origin of rice bohol version?

the origin of rice bohol is the staple food of filipinos..

What is Bohol Wisdom School's motto?

Bohol Wisdom School's motto is 'Servants Of The Community'.

What is the motto of Bohol Wisdom School?

The motto of Bohol Wisdom School is 'Builders Of Mind'.

Where is the Bohol Island located?

The Bohol Island is in the Philippines. It is southeast of Cebu Island, and southwest from Leyte Island. Bohol Island is mountainous, and is home to many endangered species.

List of cooperative bank in bohol?

One of the most popular cooperative banks in Bohol is the Cooperative Bank of Bohol. Other reliable and well-known banks in the city of Tagbilaran, Bohol are: PNB or Philippine National Bank, LandBank, BPI, and Metrobank.

When was Bohol Island State University created?

Bohol Island State University was created in 1998.

What is the oldest church in the Philippines?

The Baclayon Church in BoholYou can find the oldest church in Bohol, Baclayon church.

What is an example of a town?


What is the capital of bohol?


What is the area code for Bohol Philippines?

Bohol is area code 038 within the Philippines, or +62 38from elsewhere.

Can a balikbayan enroll in a nursing school in Bohol?

Foreigners and balikabayans alike, as long as they comply with admission requirements, can enroll in a nursing school, college or university in Bohol. The University of Bohol offers a course in nursing.

Where are the best bohol hotels located?

The best Bohol hotels are located along the coastline, often stretching into differing parts of the city. It is best to look for a Bohol hotel either through a travel agent or word of mouth.

What are the straits in the Philippines?

bohol strait!!

Where is chocolate hills?

it is ancarmen, bohol

Example of folksong in visayas?