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So Im geussing you cut the stock wiring harness off, that makes things a little more complicated. This is what you need to do, its actually pretty simple. Get a voltage meter is number one. The three main wires youll need to find are the constant, accessorie, and ground. Make sure all of the wires are not exposed to each other or you could start blowing fuses or worse. Next, test each wire until you find one that reads 12 volts when your vehicle is off or on, this connects to the yellow wire on your harness. Then find the accessorie which would read 12 volts ONLY when your car is turned to the "on" position. Then, if I were you, I would make a ground just to be safe. After that's done, locate your speaker wires. Get a size D battery, 2 pieces of wire 16 awg preferably, and electricians tape. Strip each end of wire, put one side on the negative and the other on the positive and label the wires + and - so you know. You have just made what we call a "speaker popper" which tests the polarity of a speaker. Then tape the battery up. Now gently tap the ends of the speaker wires for each set of speakers. It will make a popping noise. Go through each set of speaker wire and look at the speaker and make sure the speaker cone moves out not in. Just note whats negative and whats positive and your good to go. Sounds complicated, but just take your time.

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Q: Because several wires on a Clarion CD player wiring harness are not color coded the same as the wires on the factory radio wiring harness in a 1998 Dodge Caravan how do you know which wires connect?
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