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Become a perfessinal motocross racer?


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The first step to becoming one is learning how to spell PROFESSIONAL.

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You do not have to go to school to become a professional motocross racer. Some people become professionals in their teenage years.

He is a Moto GP racer, not a motocross racer.

None, you just need to be ridiculously good at it.

A motocross racer is a person who participates in motocross races. These races often take place off-road, using motorcycles or all-terrain vehicles.

It doesn't take much to become a motocross racer. All you need is a good dirt bike and protective gear. It doesn't matter your skill level, there are classes you can race in from beginner to pro. I hoped this helped:)

There are many large prizes that a pro motocross racer can win each year. The most notable are the X-Games event gold medals and the AMA Motocross Championship.

Practise and practise. Push your self and you will get better and better and then you enter motocross races and if you are good you could get sponsored.

Become enthusiastic about motocross bikes.

races dirt bikes/motorcycles on usually a dirt circuit.

probally Ryan Villopoto right now

Ryan Villipoto is a famous motocross racer who won the 2011 title and many many more titles

Determination, hard work, luck, and money never hurts. You have to understand that these guys are doing this as a job, its not all fun in games.

Amateur racers race for trophies; there is no cash involved.

He is a pro motocross racer. Obviously he like to go fast.

Ricky Carmichael is the GOAT (Greatest of all Time) when it comes to motocross. He is the current record holder of the most championship titles throughout a racing career.

''The King Of Supercross'' Jeremy ''Showtime'' Mcgrath.He won seven supercross championships in a row and a large amount of motocross nationals in his illustrious career.He would get so far out in front in his races that he would do tricks to entertain the fans and not have to worry about getting passed.Ricky Carmichael is also a good racer who has won five supercross championships and numerous motocross nationals championships.He is a very good rider but has not held as many championships as Mcgrath.So in championships and all around talent Jeremy Mcgrath is the best motocross/supercross racer of all time.There have beeen many arguements about who is the best but championship and wins wise Mcgrath is a better racer.

zabin young earns about 1 penny a year for he is a loser

He raced motocross, then went on to become one of the greats of freestyle motocross.

== == The best way to become a winner is to get a good education. Everything about Motocross involves Physics and Math. Search out the best local Senior age Motocross racer in your regional area. Contact him or her and ask what the best rate of return is for your time and money invested to improve your control and balance. Good fundimentals lead to good performance. Go faster than the other guys.

29 for the 2009 schedule. For the 2009 AMA Supercross series there are 17 races. For the 2009 AMA Motocross series there are 12 races.

The KTM 50 is suitable for Motocross racing, and is deemed one of the more standard types of racing vehicles amongst motocross racers, as it is a lower class racer.

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