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Yes. My ex-wife did. yes you could be please go to the doctor to be checked


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You can have pregnancy symptoms from day one to the last day of your pregnancy.

It is possible to be pregnant if you are still having your period. Its not unheard of for women not to notice until they are well into the pregnancy.

Not a lot of women are pregnant and experience no pregnancy symptoms. But I would say about 2 months into the pregnancy and beyond they should experience pregnancy symptoms and a LOT of women experience symptoms a few days after conception.

yes it is possible to be pregnant even tho you are still having periods you better do a pregnancy test or visit your gp asap

Hi Yes this is possible as some women do not experience the common pregnancy symptoms until they are a few months into their pregnancy.

If you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms, you need to see a doctor. You may be pregnant or it could be a phantom pregnancy.

You can take a home pregnancy test 14 to 16 days after having unprotected sex or you could see your Dr. The symptoms could be similar as your first pregnancy.

YES IT HAPPENS BUT NOT TO EVERYBODY. MY FRIEND WAS VOMITING ALOT AND BEING ALL NAUSEATED WHEN HE GOT A GURL PREGNANTAnswerAlthough some males do experience some "symptoms" such as "sympathy pain" or "sympathy weight gain" or mood swings when their wives or girlfriends are pregnant, usually it is the woman who experiences the "pregnancy symptoms" you mention in the question (such as nausea, vomiting, feeling tired, having breast tenderness, and so on). These symptoms usually happen during the first trimester (first three months of pregnancy). If there is a question of being pregnant, see your physician or take a home pregnancy test.

Yes, many women have no symptoms in early pregnancy.

It is possible but you would be having pregnancy symptoms by now. The best thing for you to do is do a pregnancy test then see your doctor for some hormonal blood tests and a physical examination. Some women have very few pregnancy symptoms, so if you had sex at the right time and you have not had a period take a test.

After symptoms are immediate, however signs of pregnancy won't be noticeable until about 2 months after

Pregnancy symptoms usually occur within 2 months of conceiving. Sometimes it may take as long as 3-4 months before a pregnant woman will experience obvious pregnancy symptoms. Everyone is different.

It's unlikely that you're pregnant on the contraceptive implant. Take a home pregnancy test if you have symptoms of pregnancy.

It's rare but it does occur. There can be many factors involved such as the woman not having any symptoms of pregnancy, misinterpreting symptoms of pregnancy, thinking that they are infertile or being on birth control and not suspecting pregnancy, little to no weight gain, denial, mental health conditions, and many others.

if you are feeling no symptoms and your pregnancy tests are turning out negative i would advise you to see your doctor. he/she will then be able to carry out tests to determine whether or not you are pregnant and rule out any problems

I think you can, because my friend"s mom had her period all the time of pregnancy!

Every pregnancy is differnt, some people experience symptoms with in the first month or two of pregnancy.

Get a blood test. My mom was 3 months pregnant and home test was negative..Blood test are 100% positive

i am 3 months pregnant and i am still having morning sickness. is that normal

Some women say they experience symptoms right away other women can go 1-2 or even 3 months without knowing that they have conceived and are pregnant. I just found out I was pregnant with #4 6wks and I just knew I was from the symptoms I was having. all women are different if you think you are pregnant talk to you doctor they will help you find out.

No. With my first pregnancy, my only symptom was lack of period until I was 4 months along.

No, but, it would be called an "Ectopic pregnancy". It is usually diagnosed within the first 2 months of pregnancy, possibly before you know you are pregnant. The symptoms may be mild or they may be severe and dangerous. They can be the same as the symptoms of early pregnancy or other less serious conditions. Possible symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are: 1. missed period or abnormal bleeding 2. pain in the lower abdomen or pelvis 3. symptoms of pregnancy such as breast tenderness or morning sickness.

There are times when women have had their period all through their pregnancy but since your HPT test is still negative your are probably not pregnant. If you are still concerned talk to your doctor they will help explain everything to you.

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