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no it will not, the food will be broken down into smaller pieces so that you won't choke and for the stomach to digest it easier.

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What is the ball of food that is ready to be swallowed called?

It is called bolus

What is the preposition for the ball rolled under the table?

The ball rolled across the table.

Eli rolled a ball down the cement sidewalk as hard as he could The ball rolled for less than a minute before it came to a stop What force acted to slow and finally stop the ball?

i believe the answer would be friction. friction, acting in opposition to the motion of the ball

What does rolled wide of the goal mean?

the ball rolled inches from the post

What do you do when the ball rolls onto the other court in volleyball?

The other game that is going on while the ball rolled onto the court will have to stop. A player from your team or the other team will have to go retrieve the ball. Once the ball is back, the game can continue, but it will start again from the server who served before the ball rolled off the court.

Is The ball rolled in the field or The ball rolled on the field correct?

If the field is a playing field, use on. If it is a field of corn, use in.

What is food rolled in a ball called?

usually something like .. meat ball, sweet and sour chicken ball rice ball.. spherical morsel of food? Spherical morsel of chemical energy

How many ball are rolled in a skee-ball game?


A ball rolled across a horizontal table moves at constant velocity.why?

A ball rolled across a horizontal table moves at constant velocity.why?

What is the surface on which the ball is rolled in bowling?


Why the and earth round?

Because I rolled it into a ball.

What is a food ball that is prepared in the mouth and swallowed?

a bolus

What happens to the cat who swallowed a ball of yarn?

She had Mittens (:

What happened to the cat who swallowed a ball of yarn?

she had mittens

If friction did not exist and you rolled a ball on the floor what would the ball do?

The ball would just keep rolling on.

At chucke e cheese How many ball are rolled in a skee ball game?


What is the noun in the sentence the ball rolled down the hill?

There are two nouns in this sentence, ball and hill.

Does the ball have to bounce before being hit?

No, that would be perfectly legal. Hitting the ball before it bounces is called a volley.

Which solid shapes can be rolled and why?

a ball and a cylinder rounded edges

How many balls are rolled in a skee ball game?


How many balls rolled in a skee ball game?


How many balls are rolled in skee ball game?


What is a spilt ball?

a rolled up paper that you spit with a straw

Why does a ball come to stop when it is rolled across the floor?


How long did the Mythbusters roll their mud ball?

They rolled the mud ball all the way to neverland, and then they eventually found it to be that they had rolled it for 5 days. Haha it took me a while to find this answer :D

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