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I am truly sorry this has happened to you and the only solace I can give you is that many of us (male/female) have had this happen to us. It hurts, it makes you angry, but once you get over this move on and don't let ANYONE ruin your life. You are in control, so learn from the experience and move on. If you are going steady with someone and if they should have a male friend, your girlfriend should have had no problem in introducing you to each other or even the 3 of you going out together. I highly doubt this the case. Yes, some people don't want to hurt their boyfriend when they choose to break-up and try to let them down as easily as they can. Some women will simply lie (just like some men have been doing for centuries to women and getting away with it.) You didn't explain the whole story, so if you were jealous of this guy perhaps she didn't feel free enough to introduce the both of you. I believe, that when you are dating someone on a steady basis you really shouldn't have female friends (the guys) or male friends (with the girls.) If a girl has grown up with a guy through childhood and they are true friends then, as I said before, she shouldn't have any problems introducing you to him. Only you know the truth about this story between you and her, and there had to be some signs there that the two of you weren't getting along. "Slut" is a rotten word to call anyone even if your girlfriend was cheating. Men have been doing it for hundreds of years and were considered "great men" with a high and excellent taste for the "good life." Think about that one. Marcy

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Why is he seeing someone so soon right after our breakup?

Because he loves her and he probably met her before he met you.

Where do you download Cheat Engine?

Nowhere because cheating is for losers who cant beat the game. beat the game before you start cheating

Why do men change their number to hurt you?

If it's after a breakup, they just don't want to talk, if it's before the breakup/used for the breakup, they are just cruel. It happens.

Does a married man think about his mistress after he stops seeing her because he got caught cheating and if so how often?

it depends how close you were before you caught him cheating

Is it cheating if you change your answer just before it is marked?

Well It depends. If you change it after the teacher has taken it but before she marked it, that is cheating. But on the other hand if you change it before the teacher collects it, it is not cheating.

If your friends told you that your boyfriend was cheating on you with another girl how do you know who to believe?

It depends on how good of friends these friends are. If they are truly your friends and not just a group of girls trying to start trouble, then I would believe them. I wish I would have had a friend to tell me that my boyfriend was cheating on me. If I did, then I wouldn't have wasted 16 years of my life with him as my cheating husband.AnswerFriend are with you for the good and bad. True friends will not lie. They don't want to hurt you. Id believe the friends. Any doubt, watch him like a hawk. Check his cell phone records... AnswerHonestly i would get them 3 together first before drama start and ask them to together and you can tell if ones lieing because how the way they look in the face

Cheating with a friends husband?

ANSWER:Big time no , no and it's immoral, so you need to stop before you hurt many people

What is a good way to cheat on a test?

How about you study the night or day before, and do the test without cheating? I would rather you get an F without cheating than an A by cheating, because even though you get an A you really have learned nothing from what you were taught.

Is it true that if he's not cheating he will get mad?

Do you mean if you accuse him of cheating & he's not will he get mad ? If so i think he has every right to get mad because you are wrongly accusing him but make sure he gives proof that he isn't cheating before you believe him .

What were the Beatles albums released in the US before the breakup?

not sure

How do you know if a guy is cheating if he moved and didn't break up before it?

You can do a few things. You can check with friends and see if they know anything. Or you can ask him directly.

Why does Justin bieber like miley?

Because he does and their good friends. She's been to his house before because me and Justin are good friends.

Will a married man still stay friends with his mistress when they were good friends before the affair happened but now he doesn't talk to her since he got caught cheating?

In the first place cheating is selfish (cheating on the wife and using the mistress for one's own needs) and unless one can promise a future to this mistress then no, it is time for you to move on. Most mistresses don't want to be just friends (they generally have enough friends) and it would be love, commitment or nothing.

Is it okay to not see anyone after a breakup like not even be interested?

Yes, it is ok and actually good because you need to know about yourself before you date someone.

Why do man still speak to his cheating ex-wife?

ANSWER: Not because this couples are not together anymore, it doesn't mean they can't be friends anymore. No matter what happen to their relationship, always remember before the marriage end, they shared history together for years.

How do you handle a bad breakup?

If you want to handle a bad break up try to forget about the person you were dating before. Relax and hang out with your friends think up a whole bunch of stuff to get your mind off of it.

Did Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber breakup before?

No I don't think so

Who was Czechoslovakia's leader before break up in 1993?

Czechoslovakia's leader before the breakup was Vaclav Haval. Connie

If you have been dating someone for one year and you break up two days before his birthday should you call to wish him 'Happy birthday'?

Yes, if you guys are still friends and had a friendly breakup.No, if he hates you and you had a bad breakup.Not sure if you should phone, it'd be a bit difficult, but definitely drop him a text or email or something.

Woman says she broke up with fiance before cheating... man says she didn't is it considered cheating?

To her - no. To him - yes. It depends on who you believe. It appears that you believe him - as you say "she broke up with fiance before cheating"... if she broke up with him and met someone else then it wasn't "cheating".

How would you know if your girlfriend is was cheating on you if she is a liar?

You have to be sure that your girlfriend is a liar (lied to you before) before accusing her of cheating on you. If you have caught lying about cheating then you are wise to break up the relationship with her because once a bond of trust is broken it is difficult to go on in the relationship. Since no individual knows themselves 100% they cannot be expected to know another person 100%.

Can john cena beat the big show without cheating or without match fixing?

he probably could because he beat him without cheating before but the only way big show would win is if he cheated

Is this girl cheating on me when her and I have a weird sort of relationship where we don't go out but a week before she slept with me and then slept with another boy?

* No she is not cheating on you because you are not steady dating. When you steady date there is a silent vow that you will remain true to each other. It appears you are just friends and it would be to your best interest to stop sleeping with this girl as there are sexually transmitted diseases out there. Remember to always wear a condom!

How many albums did the Beatles release before their breakup?

13, which in this case is not an unlucky number. :)

Is your boyfriend cheating if he asks can he hang out with other girls and if your trust him to?

It depends. Has he cheated on you before? If he hasn't, it doesn't usually mean that he is cheating on you. If you trust him, he should be able to hang out with other girls. If he really likes you, you would think he wouldn't cheat on you. To make the decision to wonder if your boyfriend is cheating on you, you really have to know the person and what they're like. Some boys might just want to hang out with girls because some of their friends are girls. Others might not just want to hang out. If he has cheated on you before, maybe you should discuss what might happen and see what he says. If you are really concerned, ask one of your friends to go with him. This is just advice, you really need to talk to him if you are worried.