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Before the break-up when a woman is cheating but says she is just friends with the new guy is she lying because she doesn't want to hurt you or because she doesn't want to look like a slut?


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November 17, 2005 9:36AM

I am truly sorry this has happened to you and the only solace I can give you is that many of us (male/female) have had this happen to us. It hurts, it makes you angry, but once you get over this move on and don't let ANYONE ruin your life. You are in control, so learn from the experience and move on. If you are going steady with someone and if they should have a male friend, your girlfriend should have had no problem in introducing you to each other or even the 3 of you going out together. I highly doubt this the case. Yes, some people don't want to hurt their boyfriend when they choose to break-up and try to let them down as easily as they can. Some women will simply lie (just like some men have been doing for centuries to women and getting away with it.) You didn't explain the whole story, so if you were jealous of this guy perhaps she didn't feel free enough to introduce the both of you. I believe, that when you are dating someone on a steady basis you really shouldn't have female friends (the guys) or male friends (with the girls.) If a girl has grown up with a guy through childhood and they are true friends then, as I said before, she shouldn't have any problems introducing you to him. Only you know the truth about this story between you and her, and there had to be some signs there that the two of you weren't getting along. "Slut" is a rotten word to call anyone even if your girlfriend was cheating. Men have been doing it for hundreds of years and were considered "great men" with a high and excellent taste for the "good life." Think about that one. Marcy