Before you buy a home is the real estate responsible for telling you that someone has died in the home and if they dont tell you what can be done if you are experiencing paranormal hauntings?

There is currently no law pertaining to the full disclosure of a pieace of real estate's past. Why? The laws are made by the government, and the government officially does not condone the paranormal. What can you do about it? If you're looking into a property: Research, research, research! It is completely permissable (and a matter of public record) to look into a property's past at the local library and/or the town hall. All records, including any of a criminal nature, are public record and can be made available for your inspection. If it's too late, you've bought the house, and now you've got some bumps in the night, it's time to make your intentions clear. Often, a simple: "This is MY home and you are no longer welcome here." will work. If that's not enough, or if the energy seems malicious, it's time to look for a local paranormal investigative group or seek the advice of your local clergy and try a house blessing. Above and beyond that, you may have to bring in a medium whom can engage the spirit, or a demonologist, or the like. With enough positive energy and professional help, nearly any house can be cleaned.