Before you point your finger make sure your hands are clean?


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Before you point your finger make sure your hands are clean

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ok this answer is this.... you take your hands and push them up against your chest for happy. Then after you do that twice you bring your hands down from your chest. point your pointer finger out on both hands and cross them right under left. then take the two fingers and touch them together. then for "you" you point to that someone.

'To index' is to point out or to show something, so the finger with which you point out or showsomething is called the index finger, or just another way of calling it is the pointer finger.

A wrench has no freezing point, and anyway your hands will freeze long before any wrench is even affected.

thumb, point finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger

No, the index finger is next to the thumb. Then the middle finger. Then the ring finger. Then the little finger, sometimes called pinky. no its the one between the middle finger and the thumb. The one you point it.

In Chinese culture it is considered impolite to point with one finger.

The middle finger is a swearing finger, you should not put your middle finger up

Salut: Praise - Place the index finger to your lips and make a circle outward, and finish with clapping the hands. Jesus - With the middle fingers, point to the palms of each hand (the nail holes in His hands).

A baby starts to poke and point with its index finger at 8-9 months old.

Yes I believe so, most humans do tend to point with their index fingers.

point the middle finger at people..

Michael Jordan has some of the largest hands among non centers in the history of the NBA (Since the merger). His hands are arguably as large as many of these centers, including Shaquille O'neal, with measurements made at 10.5+ inches from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger. Rajon Rondo has the largest hands of any point guard in history at 9.5" from base to tip.

Simply point to yourself with your index finger. Your 'first' finger touches your middle chest area. That's it! :-)

point the index finger upwards; with the other index finger, make a circle at the tip of the first.

Well, If they are soft shoes (not point shoes) you can put them in the washing machine but you can't clean point shoes.

I: Have your right hand clenched into an easy fist, with your pinking sticking out. Place the front of your hand (where your curled thumb and pointer finger are) on your chest. At the same time, your pinky finger should be pointing at your chin. Like: Place your right hand, which is flat, close to your chest. Make it look like you're grabbing your shirt with your middle finger and thumb, but don't actually pull your shirt. And pull your hand away from your chest, with your middle finger and thumb together. Your: Point to the person you're talking to with your pointer finger. Name: Take both of your hands, have your pointer finger next to the middle finger pointing them straight out. Your other fingers will be curled into your palm. (Picture this as your hand is clenched in a fist, with your two pointer fingers and middle fingers pointed out, together.) Then, turn your hands sideways and tap the side of your right middle finger on top of the side of your left pointer finger.

The sign for Jesus is two hands facing each other, take the middle finger of each hand and touch the opposite hand's palm (inside of the hand).The sign for love is to take both arms and cross them over the chest (like a hug).You is just pointing at the person you are direction the statement to.The ASL sequence is to simple sign Jesus loves you.Sign for "Jesus": Place both hands to the front with palms facing. Touch the right middle finger to the left palm; then touch the left middle finger to the right palm.Sign for "love": Cross the hands over the heart.Sign for "You": Point the index finger at the person you're referring to.

There is no meridian associated with the ulnar side of the ring finger. The ulnar side of the little finger is associated with the Small Intestine meridian.

the right way to point is to use your middle finger or some people may point by using there hand and explaining where your trying to point

Evaporation occures before boiling point Evaporation occures before boiling point

the underworld, or down there (point finger)hades

It is the forefinger of his right hand. The book specifically mentions this by saying he had to point with his middle finger because he lacked an index finger.

West Point has never fallen in British hands.

HELLOWave MYPoint to yourself NAMEOn both hands, take your middle and index finger and let them touch close to your fingernails BRIANASign B-R-I-A-N-A

The point of contact is simply the moment when your hands or arms touch the ball.

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