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Behavior is directly affected by?


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Behavior is all the extremly observable activities to an animal "extremally observable. Refers to the action of an animal, not to its thoughta or feelings which are internal to the animal.

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Behavior is directly affected by the environment the individual is in. If the environment is very harsh and violent the individual's behavior will reflect that.

It is affected by the actions of other animals. Or it just could be in their nature.

Their sophisticated behavior is directly correlated with their large cerebrum.

Consumer behavior is affected by the earning power of the consumers. That means it is affected by the state of the economy.

The brain and liver are directly affected by alcohol. The brain cells are damaged by alcohol.

Ecosystem can be directly affected by Deforestation.

Liver is that organ that directly affected by soda.

Other than genotype, Phenotype is affected by behavior, heredity, and somatic cells.

increases disorganization and ineffectiveness

Mass isn't affected by gravity, but weight directly depends on it.

The 13th Amendment outlawed slavery. That directly affected slaves and slave owners. The 14th Amendment provided citizenship to anyone born or naturalized in the United States, which directly affected anyone born or naturalized in the United States who had not previously been a citizen. it also re-apportioned representatives which directly affected the potential representatives and anyone male of legal voting age.

Because they can be directly affected by a company's performance and, in turn, directly affect their competitors' performance

Anything humans do that is directly observable.

Many but most directly effected Japanese

Using fear and violence for political gain most directly affected African Americans.

yes they can be variable and responsive to the environment.

The complete Australia is affected. The ozone hole is directly above it..

An animal behaviour is affected by the surronding enviroment, whether it was Abiotic (non-living things) or Biotic (living things)

The Pilgrims who landed in Plymouth were affected by the Pact. It outlined the "rules of behavior" they all agreed upon.

Behavior and motive are directly joined, as to complete a motive one must act in a certain manner. However you cannot infer a motive from behavior in a relative stranger. This is because behavior associated with completing an established motive is different between cultures, ages, social status, sex, ect.

Whether they realize it or not. ALL persons are affected by crime in one way or another.

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