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The squeal when you turn on the AC or heater is a loose fan belt. It may be cracked and need replaced, or it may just need tightened.

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Q: Belt squeal on a 1995 Saturn SL1 when you run the AC or Heater?
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Why would a 1995 Sonoma serpentine belt squeal?

either the belt is worn to the point of breaking or its very loose

Why does your 96 Saturn squeal after you replaced the belt?

If you're certain that the sound is from the serpentine belt you should check the belt tensioner. A weak tensioner spring will result in slipping and a noisy belt.

How do you turn off Saturn vue seat belt alarm?

the heater is stuck on on my saturn vue what do i do? on the seat

Why would the serpentine belt squeal on a 1995 Saturn SL1 when you run the AC or Heater?

That's very simple. there two possible conditions, first and foremost, the belt is possibly old and strechted. secondly the tensioner might need to be replaced. starting with the belt try replacing it first, this should solve the problem (as it did with mine) if not, then there's not enough tension on the or your ac compressor is locking up, either short belt the system or replace the compressor

Why does car squeal when heater is on after accelerating?

Usually when a car makes squealing sound after accelerating with the heater on, the serpentine belt is a little loose. It likely needs adjusting by a professional.

Have a high pitch squeal coming from the engine belt in a 96 Saturn sl2 regardless if its running or idling hot or cold?

You may need to adjust the tension on the belt.

Why does your heater and Ac squeal on your 03 lancer when you turn the fan on?

Its happening to me too i'm almost convinced its a loose serpentine belt

What might cause a heater to squeal on a 1998 Grand Prix?

A squealing heater is more than likely a fan belt. It may be loose, or it may be worn and need replaced.

Does 1995 1.9 liter Saturn have a timing belt or chain?


Belt squeal 2003 dodge caravan?

Change the belt

How do you stop 97 voyager belt squeal?

Change the belt

What would make a 1995 Mazda 626 squeal on startup after drive belt has been replaced?

Drive belt(s) is/are not tightened enough would be my first guess.

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