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Benefits of dark chocolate?

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Dark Chocolate can actually be good for you! If you don't eat too much, it can possibly lower your blood pressure, and it is an antioxidant. This is only dark chocolate, though; not milk or white chocolate.

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Health benefits from dark chocolate?

Health benefits of dark chocolate include lowering of blood pressure, minimizing risk of stroke, hardening of tooth enamel, high vitamins and minerals such as potassium and iron.

Is bourneville dark chocolate good for you and does it contain trans fats?

Bourneville dark chocolate is not good for you in large quantities. Dark chocolate does have its benefits however. For example, it is full of antioxidants and is high in vitamins and minerals. Bourneville dark chocolate does contain 12.3 grams of trans fat.

Is dark chocolate lower in fat and calories than milk chocolate?

Yes. Milk chocolate is simply dark chocolate with milk and sugar added. Dark chocolate also has many health benefits that milk chocolate does not share, such as fiber and iron. Dark chocolate has significantly less calories than milk chocolate, although there is not a huge difference in grams of fat.

Is dark chocalate good for you?

Dark chocolate has a number of health benefits. It appears that eating dark chocolate lowers blood pressure, but the benefits can be offset by the extra calories, so it is advisable to eat less of other treats. Dark chocolate contins anti-oxidants which can eliminate destructive free radicals that can lead to heart disease.

Where can I find more information on chocolate diet?

Chocolate is not bad for you, however the amount of chocolate you eat is the important factor. Dark chocolate is the best kind to offer health benefits. You want to look for a dark chocolate with a cocoa percentage of at least 60 to get the best benefits and eat just a small square each day.

Is Dark chocolate better than the regular chocolate?

Although studies a few years ago, pointed to the potential health benefits of dark chocolate, the British Journal Lancet, just published a report, arguing that dark chocolate, may in fact, not be better than regular chocolate.

How many people world wide like dark chocolate?

There isn't an official number on the amount of people in the world that like dark chocolate. Many people like dark chocolate and are aware of the health benefits of the sweet treat.

What are the health benefits for dark chocolate?

it is full of cocoa beans that helps the skin

Which phytochemical contained in dark chocolate has the potential for positive heart health benefits?


Which is healthier white chocolate dark chocolate or light chocolate?

Dark chocolate cause dark chocolate is good for you heart

Does hot chocolate have the same health benefits as dark chocolate?

i dont think so. especailly if you get hot chocolates from cafes, they make it from milk chocolate power. Hot chocolate mixes are usually a combination of powdered milk chocolate, sugar, and powdered milk, so it would not have the same health benefits as dark chocolate. The benefit of dark chocolate is from it's high cocoa content, which most hot chocolate mixes don't have. If you were to make your own hot chocolate from mostly straight cocoa powder and little sugar or milkfat, you'd have something just as beneficial as dark chocolate per calorie.

Which is healthier milk chocolate or dark chocolate?

Dark chocolate

Is milk chocolate or dark chocolate healthier?

Dark Chocolate because milk chocolate have more sugar than dark chocolate

What are the Health benefits from milk chocolate?

Milk chocolate does not really have many health benefits. It can provide some of the needed calories and fats for a healthy diet, along with some calcium, though. Dark chocolate conatin healthy antioxidants, too.

WHAT type of chocolate is better for you white dark or milk?

Milk chocolate , then white chocolate , dark chocolate is the worst. dark chocolate sucks.

Which chocolate melts the slowest milk chocolate or dark chocolate?

dark :)

What chocolate will melt quicker dark or white chocolate?

dark chocolate

What are the nutritional benefits of dark chocolate?

High in antioxidants, good for the heart and cholesterol.The related link outlines the top ten benefits without boring you!

What is more delicious milk chocolate or white chocolate or dark chocolate?

milk chocolate then white chocolate and then it's dark chocolate

What melts faster milk chocolate or white chocolate or dark chocolate?

dark choclate

Is the dark chocolate healthier than the white chocolate?

Yes, it is. The dark chocolate helps keep teeth clean, the white chocolate doesn't. I recommend you the dark chocolate, it is healthier than the other types of chocolate.Dark chocolate contains more coco beans than white chocolate, which make dark good for the heart.

When was dark chocolate made?

Dark chocolate was invented in 1593

Does dark chocolate have whole milk?

Yes dark chocolate does in fact contain milk. Dark Chocolate does not have any milk in it. Many products that call themselves dark chocolate put milk in them, but dark chocolate doesnt have milk. It is pure cocoa.

What are Chocolate is better dark chocolate vs milk chocolate?

i like dark chocolate best :)but i like milk chocolate ;J

Are dark chocolate and cooking chocolate same?

No. Dark chocolate is made for eating, but bakers chocolate was designed for baking.

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